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Public vs Private Health Insurance in Germany

In Germany, international students have the option to choose between public and private health insurance, but the choice is often influenced by certain factors such as age, income, and the duration of their studies. 

Look at the blog to learn about the difference between public vs private health insurance in Germany. 

Public VS Private Health Insurance

Public Health Insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, GKV)


1. Compulsory for Some:

Students under the age of 30 or earning less than a specific income threshold (usually around 450 euros per month) are generally required to have public health insurance.

2. Cost Sharing:

Both students and the government contribute to the insurance premiums. The student’s share is deducted from their stipend or part-time job income.

3. Benefits:

Public insurance offers comprehensive coverage and access to a vast network of doctors and healthcare providers.

4. Stability:

Premiums are income-dependent, making them more stable and affordable for students with lower incomes.

5. Family Coverage:

Students under 30 can also get family coverage if they are not earning an income.

Private Health Insurance (Private Krankenversicherung, PKV):


1. Optional:

Students who are over 30, have a stable income above the threshold or have previously been privately insured can opt for private health insurance.

2. Cost:

Premiums may be lower for some individuals, especially if they are young and healthy.

3. Tailored Plans:

Private insurance offers more customizable plans, allowing students to select coverage that suits their specific needs.

4. Provider Selection:

Students with private insurance can choose from a broader range of doctors and medical services.

5. Long-Term Consideration:

While private insurance might be cheaper initially, premiums can increase significantly as you age.


When choosing between public and private health insurance in Germany, international students should carefully consider their unique circumstances, including age, financial status, and length of study.

While both alternatives offer high-quality healthcare, your final financial status may be greatly impacted by your decision. 

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