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Our Story

AdmitX brings a fresh approach to university applications. We believe that studying abroad is a life-changing experience that can open doors to new opportunities and perspectives.

As international students ourselves, we have been in your shoes ourselves and understand the challenges that you may face when studying abroad. We believe that each student is unique and thus needs a custom strategy to university applications.

In our name, 'Admit' signifies the acceptance, the open doors of opportunity that await you. But what about the 'X', you might ask?

In mathematics, 'X' is the unknown variable, the mystery to be solved, the potential waiting to be unlocked. In cartography, 'X' marks the spot - the destination or goal. In our name, 'X' stands for that unique, yet undefined potential each student carries. It represents your dreams, ambitions, and undiscovered strengths.

Our 'X' signifies our commitment to tailor-made student journeys, recognising that everyone's path to success is different. You are the 'X', the unique variable, the goal, the treasure. Your journey, your success is the destination we strive to reach.

At AdmitX, the world is truly your classroom. Join us, and let's plot a course towards the X!

Our Story

Problems in Higher Education

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Flooded with predatory agents who misguide students, the higher education landscape is opaque.

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From finding the best course to applying for the visa, students are overwhelmed at every turn.

Why AdmitX

Why AdmitX?

We work 1-1 with you to create the strongest application strategy, personalised for your ambitions. Each AdmitX student works with their dedicated team of consultants who support them throughout the process.

1. Student-first: We focus on student outcomes - above everything else.

2. All-in-one support: From assessing your career needs to booking your flight, we assist you every step of the way.

Our students have gone on to top-ranked programs and universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and parts of Europe among others. Every year, we work with a limited number of students so that we can provide the highest quality of support.

Prabhat Agrawal

Founder & Head Consultant

Prabhat graduated from SSCBS, Indiaโ€™s #1 undergraduate b-school and then went on to the Masterโ€™s in Management program at ESCP Business School, one of the top 5 MiM programs (FT).

Living and working in four countries with companies of all sizes, he deeply understands the international landscape. He has worked 1-1 with students from 20+ countries to craft and present their personal story in front of top-tier universities.

His approach is deeply personal. He understands each studentโ€™s ambitions, motivations and personal journey, bringing these together into an actionable plan and charting a course to success.

When heโ€™s not working with students, Prabhat can be spotted catching the latest F1 race, reading non-fiction, practicing photography or travelling.

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Trusted by 150+ students

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Even with an top 10 offer in hand, AdmitX team pushed me to aim higher and delivered with Warwick!

Warwick | Manchester | Durham | Cranfield | Bayes

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Never thought I'd make it to Purdue! Prabhat's strategic advice and the AdmitX team's relentless support were game changers

Purdue | GeorgiaTech

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Queens Mary London, here I come! All thanks to AdmitX's comprehensive approach and personalized mentorship.

Queen Mary | City | Birmingham | Nottingham

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AdmitX made a daunting process seem effortless. My consulantโ€™s vast knowledge in Economics & Finance applications was pivotal.

Toronto | Manchester | Southampton

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Accepted into my dream Marketing course! The team has a unique knack for turning aspirations into

An Nhi
Manchester | Durham | Lancaster

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