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Charpak Scholarship

Charpak Scholarship: Scholarship for Indian Students to Study in France

The Charpak Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship program offered by the Embassy of France in India. It aims to promote academic excellence and foster bilateral cooperation between India and France. The Charpak exchange scholarship is open to Indian students who wish to pursue higher education programs in France at the master’s or doctoral level.ย 

Here are some key details about the Charpak Scholarship:


Indian students who are currently enrolled in an Indian institution or have recently completed their studies in India are eligible to apply for Charpak Scholarship 2023. The Charpak scholarship is available for various fields of study, including engineering, sciences, social sciences, business, and more.

Scholarship Benefits

The Raman Charpak Scholarship offers three types of funding options:

Charpak Master’s Scholarship, Charpak Exchange Program, and Charpak scholarship for Research Internship. Each option provides financial support in the form of monthly allowances, tuition fee waivers, and health insurance coverage.

Application Process

Interested candidates need to submit an online application through the dedicated Charpak Scholarship portal. The application typically requires academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and language proficiency certificates (such as DELF/DALF for French proficiency).

Selection Criteria

The selection process for Raman Charpak Scholarship involves evaluating the academic achievements, quality of the study project, motivation, language skills, and the overall fit with the goals of the charpak exchange scholarship program. Shortlisted candidates may be called for an interview and later final Charpak Scholarships results would be announced.


The application period and deadlines for the Charpak Scholarship may vary each year. It is advisable to regularly check the official website of the Embassy of France in India or the Charpak Scholarship portal for the most up-to-date information.

Benefits Beyond Funding

Being a Charpak Scholar not only provides financial support but also offers the opportunity to experience the rich academic and cultural environment in France.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Apart from the Charpak Scholarship, there are several other scholarship programs available for Indian students to study in France, including the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, Erasmus+ Scholarships, and individual university-specific scholarships. It is recommended to explore these options as well to maximize funding opportunities.

France Excellence Charpak Scholarship Program

France Excellence Charpak is the French government scholarship programme in India. It is divided into 4 sub-programmes and allows Indian students to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels in public and private institutions in France.

a) France Excellence Charpak Bachelor: offered to Indian students admitted in a full time bachelor’s programme in France.

b) France Excellence Charpak Master: offered to Indian students admitted in a master’s programme in France. The charpak masterโ€™s scholarship is renewable once, upon request and based on the results obtained by the scholarship holder in the first year of the master’s programme.

c) France Excellence Charpak Lab: open to graduate and post graduate students pursuing studies in engineering, science, management and humanities, who wish to attend an internship/research project at a French laboratory or university during their academic break (May-July)

d) France Excellence Charpak Exchange: open to Indian students of all profiles, studying at the bachelorโ€™s or master’s level, who study in France for a semester in the framework of a partnership between their Indian establishment and a French host institution. It is offered twice a year: Autumn session (September-December) and Spring session (January-April/May)

How to apply for a Charpak Scholarship?

The students must submit their application on the online charpak scholarship portal along with the scans of following documents:

  • Passport size photograph (please make sure that the photograph uploaded is formal)
  • Copy of the first page of your passport (with photo and expiry date). If you will be getting your passport after the deadline, please attach proof of your passport application.
  • Curriculum Vitae (maximum 2 pages).
  • Copy of your admission/acceptance letter from the French higher education institution.
  • Copy of mark sheets and degree of Higher Secondary School (XII), Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (including those of completed semesters of the ongoing degree)
  • French language certificate, if any (DELF /DALF)
  • Document of employment / internship record, if applicable
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from the current Indian university/employer or the institution last attended. The letter(s) of recommendation should be submitted as scanned copies of the original typed and signed paper letters and should preferably be with reference to the charpak scholarship. They have to include the signature and the contact details of the referee, and (if possible) should be on the headed paper of the institution and bear a stamp of the institution.

Keypoints to Note

1. If you have not received the acceptance letter from the French institution before the deadline, you can attach an email correspondence to show that you are in the process of getting the letter or will get it after the charpak scholarship deadline.

2. If you are submitting applications to two or more universities, be sure to fill out the scholarship application form with information about your top choice.
There should only be one online application per applicant. The submission of multiple online applications will result in disqualification.

3. All the above documents must be in pdf or jpeg format (word, rtf, odt, txt, msg documents, zip folders, screenshots or scans of social media are NOT acceptable). Applications submitted without required documents, or incorrect documents, will be rejected.

The French Embassy is not obliged to respond to candidates whose applications are incomplete or not considered for the scholarship award.

Selection Procedure:

Applications for Charpak Scholarships 2023 will be selected on the basis of academic excellence, consistency, quality of the application and the statement of purpose. There is no CGPA/percentage cut-off for the charpakย  scholarship. A tie-up between your current Indian institution and your future French institution will also be an asset.

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