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UCL Summer School in India

UCL Summer School in India

The UCL Summer School in India is open to pre-university students from India who are interested in studying at a top UK university. The program offers a range of undergraduate-level modules taught by UCL academics.

What is UCL Summer School in India

By launching a Summer School, University College London (UCL) has increased its support for India by adding 100 new Master’s scholarships.

Pre-university Indian students will have the chance to experience studying at a prestigious UK institution during the first-ever UCL India Summer School, which is scheduled to take place from June 10โ€“14.

The British School’s cutting-edge New Delhi campus will play host to the Summer School. 50 students will receive modules from UCL professors during this program.


In order to get admitted to the UCL Summer School in India, one needs to:

  1. Be an Indian pre-university student
  2. possess a solid academic background
  3. Desire to enrol in a prestigious UK university’s application process

How to apply?

The following is the application procedure for the UCL Summer School in India:

  1. Register online at to apply for the UCL Summer School.

  2. Fill out the application.

  3. Send in your application e-student body, along with your academic transcripts and reference letters.

  4. Awards for Scholarships

Overall, the UCL Summer School in India is a great chance for Indian pre-university students who want to pursue a top-notch education.

Through the program, you can improve your abilities, get an academic edge, and take advantage of everything that India has to offer.

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