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Top 5 Scholarships for Indian students in Australia 2024

Pursuing a master’s degree in Australia offers enormous opportunities to expand your career. What makes Australia more appealing to Indian students is the myriad of exceptional Scholarships the Australian government provides. It helps Indian students get financial aid and put wings to their dreams.

Why study in Australia?

The answer lies in an educational ecosystem that seamlessly fuses innovation with tradition, fostering a dynamic learning environment where students are encouraged to think beyond boundaries. Home to some of the world’s top-ranking universities, Australia offers various programs across disciplines, catering to diverse interests and ambitions.

TOP 5 Scholarships in Australia

  1. Australia Awards Scholarships 
  2. Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship
  3. Destination Australia Program 
  4. Charles Darwin Research Scholarship
  5. Melbourne Research Scholarship

1. Australia Awards Scholarship

The Australian government sponsors the coveted international scholarships called Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS). These scholarships foster cultural diversification, build educational connections, and endure linkage between Australia and its partnered nation, India. They are made to help partner nations meet their development needs and enhance leadership capabilities.

Key Features

  • Full tuition fee scholarship covering all academic costs.
  • Covers round-trip economy class airfare to and from Australia on a direct route.
  • A one-time establishment allowance includes accommodation and study materials.
  • Includes living expenses based on the department’s specified rate.
  • Offers Overseas Student Health Cover for essential medical needs of the student.


  • Being an Indian citizen and not associated in any form with a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Satisfy the unique eligibility requirements of the chosen course at the Australian University.
  • Possess a particular level of academic background and professional experience.
  • English language ability (often demonstrated by IELTS or TOEFL scores).
  • Scholars must leave Australia for at least 2 years post-completion of their program.

Application & Selection Process

  • Applicants should submit their applications online via the official Australia Awards website. 
  • Personal information, educational background, IELTS/TOEFL result, professional experience & SOP to be submitted as part of the application process.
  • The selection process includes reviewing applications, shortlisting candidates, and interviews.
  • The candidate’s leadership abilities, professional potential, and determination for India’s growth are also considered. 

(Applications for Australia Awards Scholarships for India are closed at this time. Information about future Scholarship opportunities will be published on this page)

2. Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships

The RTP annually provides grants to higher education institutions to support research-focused postgraduate degrees for domestic and international students. This initiative promotes higher degrees through research (HDRs), such as research doctorates and masters. Funding is directed towards assisting students in pursuing advanced research education at participating universities.

Key Features

  • Valued up to $129,000, the scholarship covers tuition and living costs. 
  • Annual stipends vary from $29,863 to $46,653 as of 2023. 
  • RTP Scholarships offer fee offsets, reducing/waiving tuition fees. 
  • Competitive Scholarships: Based on academic performance, honouring excellence.
  • Supports postgrad research skill development.


  • Possess a strong level of academic background.
  • English language ability (often demonstrated by IELTS or TOEFL scores).

Application and Selection Process

  • Direct applications should be made to the participating Australian universities
  • The procedure entails submitting research proposals and fulfilling conditions established by the university. 
  • RTP Scholarships are available for a maximum of 2 years for a research master’s degree.

3. Destination Australia Program (DAP)

More than 1000 scholarships will be available annually to help local and foreign students pursuing degrees up to Certification IV level at regional campus locations.

Key Features

  • Offers AU$ 15,000 to cover study & living costs in regional areas, including accommodation.
  • Available for various study levels, including pre-degree and vocational courses.
  • Aimed at encouraging students to live and study in regional Australia.
  • Geared towards academically outstanding individuals seeking financial aid.


  • Attain at least 75% in the previous level of education. 
  • Hold a valid Australian student visa
  • Enrol as a full-time student at a regional Australian university
  • Sustain continuous study residency within a regional area.
  • Satisfies the academic & language requirements set forth by the University.

Application and Selection Process

  • Academic qualifications and certificates.
  • Evidence of your English language proficiency, such as IELTS.
  • A Personalized SOP outlining your academic achievements, career goals, and reasons for studying in regional Australia.

The process can be made much smoother through AdmitX education counsellors.

4. Charles Darwin University Scholarships 

Charles Darwin University Scholarships present an exceptional opportunity for students seeking financial assistance to pursue their academic objectives in Australia. These scholarships offer a range of advantages, including financial help, academic guidance, and access to a lively learning community. The university offers 4 different types of scholarships. Out of which the top choice is Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achiever Scholarship.

Key Features

  • 50% of the tuition fee for the entire Graduation and post-graduation course.
  • Scholarships for international students with a high accomplishment & academic distinction track record. 


  • To maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Must achieve a minimum GPA of 5.3 per semester & avoid failing coursework.
  • The application must be submitted to begin studies in S1 or S2 2024 (the intake they are first offered).
  • Applicants must satisfy the English language entry criteria for their selected program.
  • An overall score of 95% in the applicant’s highest completed qualification is required.
  • A foreign student who is paying international tuition must be the applicant.
  • The applicant may not hold any other scholarships from Australian or international sponsors.

Application and Selection Process

  • Overall score in their highest completed qualification.
  • Supporting statements (up to 600 words) outlining why you should be awarded a scholarship

5. Melbourne Research Scholarship

The Melbourne research scholarship offers a gateway to study from one of the most prestigious colleges in Australia with 100% fee remission. The scholarship propounds students with opportunities to work with research scholars and is open to all study areas.

Key Features

  • Complete fee remission up to 2 years for students undertaking master’s research degrees and up to 4 years for doctoral degrees. 
  • Stipend with a rate of $34,400 annually for up to 2 years for masters and 3.5 years for doctoral students provided every two weeks.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for international students who require a study visa.
  • Additional $3000 allowance for international students moving to Australia.


  • Enrolled or Applied for a graduate research degree at the University of Melbourne.
  • Satisfy the entry requirements of the University.

Application and Selection Process

  • No separate application is required; the selection panel will consider all the required parameters. 
  • Offered to students with the highest ranking on their academic results in the previous study.
  • The candidate should possess excellent research skills in their field of study.
  • The number of scholarships awarded is 350.

As showcased in this comprehensive guide to the “Top 5 Scholarships for Indian Students in Australia 2024,” the path to success is illuminated by a wealth of information and insights. 

How to Avail The Scholarships

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