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How to write an LOR: Tips, Format, Sample

Writing a strong Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for university applications is essential to present the applicant’s qualities, achievements, and suitability for the program.

Here are some tips, a recommended format, and a sample LOR to guide you.

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Why writing LOR for university applications is important?

Composing a recommendation letter is essential for a college application since it gives admissions committees important information about the potential, skills, and character of an applicant.ย 

These letters provide a more comprehensive view than test results and transcripts and are usually provided by instructors, mentors, or supervisors who have a close working relationship with the candidate.

They can aid admissions officers in making defensible selections by showcasing a student’s accomplishments in the classroom, leadership potential, work ethic, and personal attributes.ย 

Robust recommendation letters are a crucial part of the application process since they not only confirm an applicant’s qualifications but also set them apart from the competition by demonstrating their capacity to have a positive impact on the university community.

Writing an Effective LOR for a University Application

Here are tips for writing an effective LOR for university applications:ย 

1. Understand the Purpose:

Know the specific requirements and expectations of the university or program for which the LOR is intended.

2. Choose the Right Recommender:ย 

Select someone who knows you well and can provide concrete examples of your skills, character, and accomplishments.

3. Follow the University Guidelines:ย 

Adhere to the university’s guidelines and requirements for LORs, including format, length, and submission method.

4. Personalize the LOR:ย 

Customize the content to reflect the applicant’s unique qualities and experiences that make them a strong candidate for the program.

5. Highlight Relevant Qualities:ย 

Focus on traits, skills, and achievements that are directly relevant to the program or field of study.

6. Use Specific Examples:ย 

Include specific instances and examples that illustrate the applicant’s qualities and accomplishments.

7. Be Positive and Honest:ย 

Highlight the applicant’s strengths while maintaining honesty and credibility.

8. Proofread and Edit:ย 

Ensure that the LOR is well-written, error-free, and concise.


  • Begin with a formal salutation, addressing the admissions committee or the recipient.


  • In the opening paragraph, introduce yourself as the recommender and your relationship with the applicant.
  • Mention the length of time you have known the applicant.

Body Paragraphs:

  • Use 2-3 body paragraphs to provide specific examples of the applicant’s skills, character, and achievements.
  • Address qualities relevant to the program, such as academic abilities, research skills, leadership, teamwork, and dedication.


  • In the concluding paragraph, summarize the applicant’s suitability for the program and express your confidence in their success.


  • Sign off the letter with a formal closing (e.g., “Sincerely” or “Yours faithfully”) and your name.

Contact Information:

  • Include your contact information, including your professional title and email address, in case the admissions committee has further questions.

Sample Letter of Recommendationย 

[University Admissions Committee]

[University Name]

[University Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to highly recommend [Applicant’s Full Name] for admission to your [Specific Program Name] program. I have had the privilege of knowing [Applicant’s First Name] for [X years/months] as [Your Relationship, e.g., “their professor,” “their research supervisor,” “their employer,” etc.], and during this time, I have been consistently impressed by [his/her] exceptional qualities and achievements.

In the course of [his/her] academic journey, [Applicant’s First Name] has demonstrated unwavering dedication and a thirst for knowledge that is truly commendable. [He/She] consistently ranked among the top % of students in [his/her] class and actively engaged in [specific academic activities, e.g., “research projects,” “seminars,” “internships”] that showcased [his/her] strong analytical and problem-solving skills. [Provide specific examples or experiences that highlight academic excellence and relevant achievements.]

Furthermore, [Applicant’s First Name] has exhibited remarkable leadership qualities during [his/her] tenure as [leadership position] of the [Student Organization/Company Name]. [He/She] played an integral role in [specific accomplishments, e.g., “organizing fundraising events,” “leading a successful project,” “mentoring junior members”] and consistently demonstrated effective communication and team collaboration.

In addition to [his/her] academic and leadership prowess, [Applicant’s First Name] has consistently shown [his/her] compassion and willingness to help others. [Provide specific examples of community involvement, volunteer work, or other relevant activities.]

I am confident that [Applicant’s First Name] will continue to excel and make significant contributions in [his/her] chosen field of [Field of Study] at [University Name]. [He/She] possesses the qualities, skills, and passion that make [him/her] a standout candidate for your program. [Your closing statement expressing confidence in the applicant’s success.]

Should you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at [Your Email Address].


Your Full Name

Your Title/Position

Your Organization/Institution

Your Contact Number

Please note that this is a generic sample LOR. It should be tailored to the specific qualifications and experiences of the applicant and the requirements of the university or program to which it is being submitted.

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