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Part-Time Jobs in Ireland for International Students

Part-Time Jobs in Ireland for International Students In 2024

Studying in Ireland offers numerous advantages, particularly regarding employment opportunities for students. The availability of various part-time jobs in Ireland for international students helps them manage their finances and provides valuable experience in the local work culture, offering financial security and independence. 

In this blog, you will gain insights into the part-time jobs in Ireland for international students, including the salaries offered. Equally important, you will also know about the eligibility criteria and employment rights that the Workplace Relations Commission mandates, empowering you with the knowledge to understand the job market effectively.

Can An International Student Work Part-Time In Ireland?

This doubt remains in the minds of students while studying in Ireland. The cost of living in Ireland is difficult to manage, so looking for part-time jobs in Ireland becomes essential. 

But before that, let’s clear up a common question: what is a part-time employee in Ireland? According to The Protection of Employees (Part-Time Work) Act 2001, a part-time employee is someone whose regular working hours are less than those of a comparable full-time employee.

Here’s some excellent news! Finding part-time jobs in Ireland for international students is not as challenging as it may seem. By following the employment rules and regulations, you can secure a part-time job that provides financial independence, work-life balance, and valuable skills for your future career. It’s a win-win situation! 

Eligibility Criteria For Part-Time Jobs In Ireland For International Students

There are specific eligibility criteria to fulfill for international students to look for part-time jobs in Ireland; read the whole process carefully:

  • You can only be eligible to get a part-time job in Ireland as an International student if you are enrolled in the list of visa-eligible courses known as ILEP. The course should be full-time, higher or at an NFQ Level 7.
  • You should have an Irish Residence Permit card and should be registered to GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau)
  • The working hours allowed for part-time work in Ireland for international students is 20 hours per week except in 2 periods when it is allowed to work full time, i.e. 40 hours per week. The periods are December 15 to January 15 and June 1 to September 30 only, corresponding to the traditional summer and winter college holidays. 
  • There are two types of visas, namely Stamp 2 and Stamp 2A. Stamp 2 visas allow part-time jobs in Ireland for international students, whereas Stamp 2A does not do so as the course opted was not in the list of eligible courses.
  • If your immigration permission expires, your employment will automatically lapse. However, you may get an extension that is available for graduates of third-level courses under the third-level graduate scheme
  • You must have a Personal Public Service number granted to the employee who works in Ireland. It ensures that you are registered with Irish taxation authorities. If QQI accredits your course study, you will already have a PPS number
  • For salary purposes, you must have an Irish Bank account.

There are two types of part-time jobs Ireland offers to students enrolled in full-time courses. Have a look:

On Campus

On-campus jobs can be applied for by regularly checking the university’s official website. You could be pursuing any course like master’s in data science, your university might be having certain vacancies for part-time work in Ireland for international students. In Ireland part-time jobs salary for on-campus opportunities are: 

On CampusSalaries
Research Assistant€31,150–€41,033 a year
Teaching Assistant€41,753 per year
Administration€31,324 per year
Campus Tour Guide€ 25,106 per year


Off-campus jobs are applied through online job portals in Ireland and are found outside the university. Here are some off-campus part-time jobs in Ireland for international students:

Off-CampusSalaries Per Hour
Store Assistant10 EUR
Secretary12.76 EUR
Tutor12 EUR
Community Support Worker12 EUR

Average Pay Scale and Taxes

Part-time jobs in Ireland for international students, particularly in places such as Dublin and Cork, offer a wage of 10-20 EUR per hour. If you seek part-time employment in cities other than Dublin, you can expect a minimum salary of 8-9 EUR per hour.


Part-time jobs in Ireland for students come with a tax responsibility. You fall under the tax bracket if you are getting a minimum wage. There are 3 tax brackets in which you can fall depending upon the job and the salary you get. They are:

  • PAYE

This income tax will be deducted from your salary based on your credits and income.

  • PRSI

Pay-related social insurance tax is levied on your salary based on your type of employment.

  • USC

A universal social charge is levied on your gross income. If your gross income is above 13000 EUR/year, USC needs to be paid on the full income

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Miscellaneous Information on Part-time Work in Ireland

Things which are at the discretion of the employer: 

Pension Benefits

Part-time employees should receive equal access to retirement benefits. If you work fewer than 20% of the typical hours full-time employees work, then your employer cannot provide you with the equivalent pension benefits given to full-time employees. 

Overtime Pay

If your full-time colleagues receive overtime pay, then you are also eligible for overtime pay. However, your employer can decide you must work the equivalent hours as a full-time worker before becoming eligible for overtime compensation.


This blog has throroughly analyzed the part-time jobs in Ireland for international students. Now, you might not face much difficulty in navigating employment in Ireland. While part-time jobs ease your burden of finances, you must remember your rights, like getting minimum wages.

Apart from financial freedom, you can build your resume by gaining resourceful experience, which will help you in the future. So, whether you are pursuing your master’s in Ireland or planning to do so, look for part-time jobs in Ireland for students.


Do freshers get part-time jobs in Ireland?

Yes, freshers can also apply for part-time jobs in Ireland. You can look for off-site jobs where experience is not mandatory.

If your annual gross salary exceeds 13000 EUR, you’ll have to pay USC on the entire amount.

No, it’s not mandatory. If you think you cannot balance your studies with a job, you can avoid doing it.

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