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Master's in Data Science in Ireland

Masters in Data Science in Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide

Pursuing Masters in Data Science in Ireland is beneficial for international students because of the presence of major tech giants like Apple, IBM, Google, TCS, Infosys, Facebook, etc., which creates an ecosystem of learning and growth.

They guide CS and Data Science students and assist them with internships and job offers at attractive salary packages.

Masters in Data Science in Ireland: Introduction

Have you ever wondered how companies make critical decisions to increase their marketing and sales?

Have you ever been astounded by how much e-commerce businesses make it easier for you to choose what to buy?

Have you ever tried to determine what motivated food delivery services to start running specific food campaigns in certain states or cities?

These are a few instances where it is essential to put the needs and satisfaction of consumers first.

However, what enables this to happen? How can brands find out what customers want and satisfy them? Data science has made this feasible.

Data science studies vast volumes of collected data to derive insights. It entails applying several methods and instruments from the fields of artificial intelligence, statistics, and STEM field.

Data science helps to develop new products, services, and solutions by generating meaning from input.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons to pursue an MS Data Science in Ireland, some best universities for data science in Ireland, data science courses, eligibility courses and much more.

Why Pursue Masters in Data Science in Ireland?

Before going through some more details, let us quickly explore the reasons and benefits of pursuing an MS Data Science in Ireland one by one.

Academic Excellence

The education system of Ireland has been designated with a unified National Framework of Qualifications that makes sure all of its university students get the same quality of education.

Ireland has given their Data Science courses a competitive edge. These courses are needed by all businesses. Also, Computer Science and Data Analytics are often part of the course because they are so important for jobs as a data researcher or data scientist.

Technological Hub of Europe

Ireland is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe because of the presence of major tech giants in the country like Apple, IBM, Google, TCS, Infosys, Facebook, etc., which creates an ecosystem of learning and building.

They not only guide CS and Data Science students but also assist them with internships and job offers at attractive salary packages.

Exposure to Challenges

The top data science colleges in Ireland follow an educational plan that includes taught modules and a final dissertation. This course encourages students to take on challenges that equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to gather data, analyse and visualise it, extract valuable insights, establish patterns, and evaluate models.

Best Data Science Colleges in Ireland

Ireland is home to world-renowned universities that are known for providing expertise in data science through a variety of courses. Here, we have tabulated the best data science colleges in Ireland for Indian students:

InstituteQS World University RankingAverage Tuition Fees (per year)Specialisation
Trinity College Dublin81€21,000M.Sc in Computer Science - Data Science
University College Dublin171€22,000-26,000M.Sc in Business Analytics
M.Sc in Data & Computational Science
M.Sc in Data Science
M.Sc in Data Analytics
University of Galway289€15,000-27,000M.Sc in Business Analytics
M.Sc in Computer Science - Data Analytics
University College Cork292€16,000-27,000M.Sc in Business Analytics
M.Sc in Data Science & Analytics
University of Limerick426€15,000-23,000M.Sc in Data Analytics
M.Sc in Data Science & Statistical Learning
Dublin City University436€6,000-9, in Computing- Data Analytics
Maynooth University801€9,500-11,000M.Sc in Business Analytics

Curriculum of Masters in Data Science in Ireland

Masters in Data Science covers a wide range of topics that are taught in the classroom and through hands-on experience in the workplace. Furthermore, it gives them a complete understanding of the basic principles and methods.

Here is a list of the most important and popular parts of MS Data Science in Ireland.

  • IT-Enabled Innovation
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Social Research
  • Sound & Music Computing
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Theoretical Physics & Mathematics
  • Robotics & Embedded AI
  • International Business
  • Finance
  • Design Innovation

Masters in Data Science in Ireland: Eligibility Criteria

  • Indian applicants must have a bachelor’s/honours degree with at least 60-70% marks in IT, computer science, engineering, mathematics, or any of those fields.
  • Applicants should demonstrate international orientation and leadership potential.
  • Applicants must be younger than 38 years old.
  • Proficiency in English is required, with a minimum IELTS score of 7.0 bands or a TOEFL score ranging from 80 to 100.

Documents Checklist

The following documents are essential for the application process for the MS in Data Science in Ireland:

  • Academic certificates and transcripts from all previous educational institutions attended.
  • Standardized test scores such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation.
  • 1-2 Statements of Purpose.
  • CV or Resume.
  • 2 Passport-sized photographs.
  • Valid Passport.
  • Non-refundable application fee ranging from €125 to €180, if required.
  • Identity Card.
  • Health Insurance documentation.
  • Bank Statement

Application Process for Data Science Courses

  • The process should begin eight to ten months before the application period opens. This will allow for the preparation of the necessary paperwork and prevent any issues during the final stages.
  • You can start by looking at the websites of each Irish university to get a better idea of what they need.
  • Make a list of at least five or six universities and ask them about their school calendar.
  • At least four to five months before the application season starts, people who want to apply should start studying for graded tests like the TOEFL, IELTS, and, if necessary, prerequisite exams for college.
  • You can get your licenses after passing the language tests.
  • As shown in the document checklist, sort and put each important document in the correct place.
  • The first step in the application process is to upload your original documents to the university’s registration portal.
  • Always check your email for any changes to the entry process.
  • If the university accepts your application, you must appear in person on the scheduled interview date.
  • If you do well in the interview, the university will send you an offer letter.
  • Start putting together the money you need and applying for a visa.

Study Visa for Ireland

The Irish student visa application process (type “D” study visa) should commence four months before the start of your term. Three weeks before the start of your course, applications will be accepted at the Ireland Embassy in New Delhi.

It is advised that you should start the application procedure as soon as your offer letter arrives.

The information about how to apply for an Irish student visa is as follows:

  1. Use AVATS to create your application online.
  2. Print the application form, fill it out, and sign it.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the Visa Facilitation Service (VFS).
  4. Compile the necessary paperwork.
  5. Send your documents to the Irish Embassy in New Delhi or VFS; 
  6. Await the response and periodically check your email

Jobs after Masters in Data Science in Ireland

After completing their Masters in Data Science in Ireland, Indian students have a plethora of careers whether pursuing a career as a data scientist or data analyst, a post-study career in Ireland is brimming with growth and networking opportunities, thanks to the global recognition of Irish degrees, which provides access to the best jobs worldwide world. 

Below, we have tabulated the top jobs along with their average salary in Ireland:

Job TitleSalary (per year)
Data Analyst€64,000-70,000
Data Engineer€56,000-65,000
Data Scientist€85,000-90,000
Machine Learning Engineer€56,000-70,000
Business Intelligence Analyst€60,000-70,000
Data Science Manager€68,000-75,000
Data Science Consultant€80,000-95,000
Data Science Educator€75,000-85,000

Top Recruiters

Below are the top recruiters who provide attractive job offers with high-paying income to international students when they have completed their Masters in Data Science in Ireland:

  • Google
  • eBay
  • Meta
  • Deloitte
  • Amazon
  • Paddy Power
  • GSK
  • AXA
  • Accenture
  • Bank of Ireland


Ireland is one of the world’s technological hubs, drawing thousands of international students each year. It provides unlimited opportunities in computer science, including its sub-branches like data science and data analytics.

Pursuing an M.Sc. in Data Science in Ireland enables students to develop their critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, leadership and managerial qualities, and specialities to apply classroom knowledge to real-world issues that impact everyone.


What skills are required to become a data scientist?

You must be able to collect, process, and display data to work as a data scientist. This covers both hard skills like teamwork and public speaking as well as soft skills like programming, database manipulation, advanced mathematics, and data visualization.

Increased automation, integration of artificial intelligence, handling big data, a focus on data governance and security, competence in data visualization and storytelling, industry-specific knowledge, ongoing learning, ethical considerations, remote work opportunities, and cross-disciplinary collaboration are the characteristics that will define the future of data science.

The average cost of living for Indian students in Ireland is €800 to €1,500 per month, depending upon the locality and luxury level chosen by the individual.

If you are an aspirant looking to study at your dream university, book an appointment with AdmitX today and start your applications early to avail yourself of all the benefits.

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