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Study in Ireland

Why Study in Ireland 2024

Countries like the USA, France, the UK, Australia etc. are the preferred destinations for Indian students to pursue courses like engineering, medicine, computer science etc. after school or bachelor’s level to have a better and luxurious life.

However, there are some smaller countries on the world map which are underappreciated but these countries also have good potential to impart high-quality education and life which they do.

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Why Study in Ireland?

Education is the most important sector of any country because it boosts overall economic growth and brings prosperity to the community. Countries like the USA, France, the UK, Australia etc. are the preferred destinations for Indian students to pursue courses like engineering, medicine, Computer Science etc. after school or bachelor’s level to have a better and luxurious life.

However, there are some smaller countries on the world map which are underappreciated but these countries also have good potential to impart high-quality education and life which they do. Ireland is one of these countries where pursuing higher degree courses rewards greatly.

Because of its location, low cost of living, clean and fresh environment, top universities etc. promotes international students to study in Ireland specially those who are not able to seek enrollment in the universities of some big countries because of the rigidity in admission and residency process and high cost of living.

Study in Ireland: Advantages

Ireland is a country located in western Europe and it is the second-biggest island of Europe after Great Britain. The colleges and universities of Ireland are well connected to the whole world and they impart top-class education to international students. Let’s discuss the few significance of pursuing higher education in Ireland.

1. Academic Excellence: Ireland commonly known as the Republic of Ireland has its education system administered through a common National Framework of Qualifications which ensures that uniform education should be imparted to all students enrolled in every university in its territory.

2. Hub of Research: Ireland is well known for its rapid and advanced growth in the fields of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Technology, IT, healthcare etc. because of the commitment made by the scientific community to make Ireland a leading country in the research sector.

There are lot of scope for Indian students to share their part in transforming Ireland into a research giant.

3. Top Universities: Some best universities in Ireland rank among the top 5 % in the world rankings. There are nine universities, 14 institutes of technology, five colleges of education and numerous private colleges offering certificates, diplomas and degree programs are administered in Ireland. This is the one of best reason to study in Ireland.

4. Employment Opportunities: Like other countries, Ireland also gives ample opportunities to its international students to work in the country after finishing their education program under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme.

Students can also work part-time and earn significant wages to reduce their cost of living and develop skills relevant to their profession. Some top companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook etc. organise their placement drives in Irish colleges to hire the best talents

5. Reach to other parts of the Europe: Due to its close proximity to the UK, Ireland provides exposure to other leading European countries like Switzerland, Scotland, Netherland, Italy etc. where Indian students can visit to have leisure, gain advanced skills and to seek better employment opportunities.

Top Universities in Ireland 2024

UniversityQS World University Ranking 2024Tuition Fees per yearPopular Specialisations
Trinity College Dublin81€12,400 to €37,600Accounting & Finance
Computer Science
University College Dublin171€19,400 to €24,600Electrical Engineering
Health Sciences
Biomedical engineering
Chemical Engineering
Computer Science
University of Galway289€7,000 to €16,600Arts
Social Sciences
Engineering and
Business Science
University College Cork292€17,000 to €22,000Arts
Social Sciences.
Business and Law
Medicine and Health
University of Limerick426€11,000 to €50,000Arts
Social Science
Health Sciences
Computer Sciences
Dublin City University436€6,000 to €19,000Computer Science
Digital Marketing
Maynooth University801-850€13,000 to €17,000Accounting
Adult Education
Social Sciences

Technological University of Dublin851-900€11,000 to €19,000Businees
Computer Science
Cyber Security
Data Analytics
Energy Management

Study in Ireland: Top Courses

Some of the top courses in Ireland are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Architecture
  • Banking & Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • MBA
  • Nursing
  • Law

Study in Ireland: Education System

The education system of Ireland is comprehensive, innovative and interactive. It is under the Department of Education and Skills. It is a principal authority responsible for framing the educational regulations and policies for institutions and students.

Universities in Ireland not only provide the required knowledge but also guide students on how to utilise and engage that knowledge to mould the post-study career.

Like most countries, Irish Universities do accept a 10+2+3 education system so Indian students who want to fulfil their aspirations can take admission directly to higher degree courses without any worry. Ireland is ranked first in Europe in terms of graduates per 1,000 inhabitants.

All Irish universities, institutes of technology, and colleges of education come under the category of higher education institutes or tertiary (third) level of education system. HEIs imparts bachloer’s, master’s and doctorate degree courses. 

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Study Intakes in Ireland

Type of IntakeApplication DeadlineCommencement of SessionDuration
Fall intakeMay-JuneSepetemberSeptember-December
Spring intakeOctoberJanuaryJanuary-May

Cost of Studying in Ireland for Indian  Students

CoursesBachelor's Course FeesMaster's Course Fees
Arts and Humanities€10,000 – €16,500€10,500 – €20,000
Business€10,000 – €16,000€10,500 – €30,000
Engineering€10,000 – €21,600€10,500 – €30,000
Medicine€20,000 – €31,000€12,000 – €52,000
Sciences€10,000 – €21,600€10,500 – €18,000

Jobs and Salaries in Ireland 2024

Popular Job Title (Full-time)Average Salary (Per Year)
Data Scientist€48000
Web Developer€38000
Healthcare Assistant€25377
Digital Marketing Expert€35000
Financial Advisor€45000
UX/UI Advisor€55000
Content Writer€40000
Software Engineer€60000
IT Analyst€40000

Post-Study Work Visa for Ireland

After completing the higher degree courses in Ireland, Indian students will get Stamp 1G Visa under the Third Level Graduate Scheme which will permit them to work in Ireland and they do not need any extension. There are various types of post-study work permits granted to international students of which Critical Skills Employment Permit is very important and plays a significant role in granting work permits.

The critical skills employment permit is provided to talented individuals who can contribute to certain sectors in Ireland that lack enough human resources It costs 1000 EUR.


  • The employer should be registered in Ireland.
  • Applicant must have a confirmed two-year job offer.
  • Job profiles should have a minimum base remuneration of 32,000 EUR.
  • Applicants must possess a relevant qualification of at least a bachelor’s degree.

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Pursuing higher degree courses in Ireland is beneficial especially for for those students who have not succeeded in seeking admission to universities present in major players like the USA, UK, France etc.

However, this does not diminish the value of pursuing education in Ireland because the country is the major hub of research and innovation and potentially it can become the research leading nation in upcoming years. 

Some of the best universities in Ireland like the University of Dublin, Trinity College, University of Limerick emphasise top-class education and skill development which prepares students to face real-world problems. 

In Ireland, international students receive an education which resonates with their ambitions and dreams.


What is the average cost of living in Ireland?

The average cost of living in Ireland for an International student ranges between €7500 and €12,000/year.

Is Ireland a good place to study?

Ireland is a desirable location to study abroad due to a variety of factors, including the high standard of teaching and education, the career opportunities, and the pleasant lifestyle.

What is the duration of the post-study work permit in Ireland?

The Ireland post-study work visa duration depends on the type of degree and pursued course. Post-study work visa Ireland extension may range from 1 to 4 years.

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