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Living expenses in Canada

Living Expenses in Canada for Indian Students

The living expenses in Canada for Indian students in 2024 vary according to city and preference of living standards. Since Canada is a student-friendly country which welcomes millions of students every year from all over the world, it provides various assistance and needful help so that students can meet their academic goals without any worry.

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What is Living Expenses?

Living expenses are a kind of finances required for fulfilling basic needs of life such as food, house rent, transportation costs, healthcare facilities and utilities etc.ย Indian students residing in Canada for academic purposes need a hefty amount of money to fulfil their requirements. No doubt, scholarships provided by universities play a significant role in meeting expenses. However, we are presenting you a brief discussion on the costs of living to manage your living expenses in Canada while studying without any worry.

Living Expenses in Canada for Indian Students

First of all, you should know that depending upon the city in which you are living and the course you are going to pursue, the living expenses in Canada can be estimated. However, an Indian student should make a budget in-between CAD 1500 and 2000 to sustain themselves with accommodation, food, transportation, utilities etc. In addition to these costs, tuition fees for pursuing courses are also considered which are subject to revision by universities every year. Hence one should make their financial preparations in advance to avoid any chaos.

Below is the table that enlists the general breakout of living expenses in Canada for an Indian student.

ExpensesCost of Expenditure
AccommodationCAD 500-1000
TransportationCAD 80-100
FoodCAD 300-500
AmusementCAD 100-150
Health InsuranceCAD 74
Utilities (Water, Electricity, Cleaning, Phone bills etc.)CAD 200-300

Average Living Expenses in Canada in 2024

Canada has various affordable cities with low expenses of living for Indian students. Here are some options for those cities along with their costs of living which you will find valuable:ย 

Abbotsford, British Columbia
Average cost of living:- CAD 2000-CAD 2200

Moncton, New Brunswick
Average cost of living:- CAD 1500

Kingston, Ontario
Average cost of living:- CAD 2250

St. Catharines, Ontario
Average cost of living:- CAD 1850-CAD 2200

Calgary, Alberta
Average cost of living:- CAD 1500-CAD 1800

Sherbrooke, Quebec
Average cost of living:- CAD 1800-CAD 2000

Laval, Quebec
Average cost of living:- CAD 2000-CAD 2200

Ottawa, Ontario
Average cost of living:- CAD 1600-CAD 1800

Montreal, Quebec
Average cost of living:- CAD 2200-CAD 2500

Average Rent in Canada

Below is the rough estimate of monthly accommodation rent in Canada for Indian students who have chosen off-campus stay. The on-campus accommodation expenses are generally included in the admission fee that needs to be submitted during the admission process. It may vary depending on the chosen course or university. Below is a brief description of average off-campus housing expenses:

Single Accommodationย 

The average cost of single-room accommodation varies from CAD 1290-1500 in larger cities whereas in smaller towns this cost reduces to CAD 700-1000.

Shared Accommodation

Renting a room on a shared basis costs much less than single accommodation. In Canada, it varies in-between CAD 400-700 depending upon the city and quality of accommodation.

Family Accommodation

Some international students prefer to live with their parents or relatives in Canada to get direct support from them. The average family accommodation in a 3 BHK apartment in Canada costs around CAD 2350-2800 depending upon the city and quality of accommodation.

University and Study Costs in Canada

Universities in Canada provide quality and premier education to students coming from all corners of the globe. The education cost in Canada depends upon the chosen college, course and tuition fee. Every year Canada makes certain revisions in the tuition fee which may affect overall education expenditure. International students have to confirm tuition fees before applying for a particular course.ย 

Here is the table enlisting the average education costs of different courses:

StreamsAverage education cost per year (UG course)Average education cost per year (PG course)
MedicineCAD 34,000 (INR 21 lakhs approximately)CAD 30,000 (INR 18 lakhs approximately)
EngineeringCAD 25,789 (INR 16 lakhs approximately)CAD 15,700 (INR 97 lakhs approximately)
Business ManagementCAD 25,500 (INR 15 lakhs approximately)CAD 21,000 (INR 13 lakhs approximately)
LawCAD 26,089 (INR 16 lakhs approximately)CAD 19,000 (INR 11 lakhs approximately)
PharmacyCAD 33,200 (INR 20 lakhs approximately)CAD 11,600 (INR 72 lakhs approximately)
NursingCAD 19,000 (INR 11 lakhs approximately)CAD 12,000 (INR 74 lakhs approximately)
Computer ScienceCAD 25,000 (INR 15 lakhs approximately)CAD 12,000 (INR 74 lakhs approximately)
Architecture and MiningCAD 22,200 (INR 13 lakhs approximately)CAD 19,800 (INR 12 lakhs approximately)

Health Insurance for Indian Students in Canada

Canada considers the well-being of its people very seriously including international students too. So purchasing a health care package popularly known as Health Insurance is mandatory for all international students going to Canada. Healthcare schemes are different in different provinces.

Canada provides freedom to every international student to purchase health insurance from university or private establishments. If a student wants to get a healthcare package from their pursuing university, the average cost may vary between CAD 74-100 per term. However such healthcare packages may contain very limited benefits.

On the other hand, private establishments like Manulife, Sun Life Financial etc. offer their health insurance scheme which might range in-between 600-800 per term but it contains a large number of benefits and flexibilities. Canada offers its free medical system to its citizens and permanent residents.

Living expenses in Canada: Accommodation, Transport, Meals and Attractions

Following is the overview of the average cost of accommodation, travelling, food and exploring tourist attractions in the major cities of Canada.


  • Accommodation: CAD 1000-2550 per month
  • Transportation: CAD 156 per month
  • Meals: CAD 400-600 per month
  • Attractions: CAD 200-300ย 


  • Accommodation: CAD 1000-2700 per month
  • Transportation: CAD 185-200 per month
  • Meals: CAD 300-800 per month
  • Attractions: CAD 150-300


  • Accommodation: CAD 700-1500 per month
  • Transportation: CAD 150-250 per month
  • Meals: CAD 300-500 per month
  • Attractions: CAD 300-400


  • Accommodation: CAD 800-2250 per month
  • Transportation: CAD 122-150 per month
  • Meals: CAD 300-450 per month
  • Attractions: CAD 100-250


  • Accommodation: CAD 700-2000 per month
  • Transportation: CAD 110-130 per month
  • Meals: CAD 250-300 per month
  • Attractions: CAD 250-300

Tips to Cut Living Expenses

Exploring academic courses in a foreign country like Canada might be expensive to international students including Indians because of the high costs of accommodation, transportation, meals and utility bills. However, you can follow these steps to reduce the cost of living in Canada.

Share Accommodation

Rather than opting for a personal room, choose shared accommodation no matter whether you have decided to go with an on-campus or off-campus stay. In both cases, the cost will be reduced for shared accommodation.

Self-Cooking or Mess Option

Whether you have selected on-campus or off-campus stay, rely on either self-cooking or mess food provided by the university to its students rather than dining out. It will save you money which you can use for other meaningful activities.

Public Transportation

Use public transport service rather than buying cars or motorbikes. You can also purchase a bicycle to commute which will not only save you fuel and maintenance charges but also make you feel proud of contributing to conserving the environment through an eco-friendly way.

Budgeting and Tracking Expenses

Preparing a budget on a weekly or monthly basis will help in estimating the costs of expenditure. Through this process, you can also track your expenses. There are several tools available online which will benefit you.

Part-time Work

Exploreย part-time jobย opportunities which will not only help you manage your expenses but also foster the necessary skills required for future employment. Keep in mind restrictions on working hours for international students.

GIC Update: 1st January 2024

GIC stands for Guaranteed Income Certificate disbursed by the Government of Canada under which International students fly to Canada for academic purposes. This is one of the important eligibility criteria to obtain aย Visa for Canada.

As of 1st January 2024, the minimum financial requirement will rise from CAD 10,000 to CAD 20,635 to reflect the cost of living.


In conclusion, the living expenses in Canada for Indian students in 2024 vary according to city and preference of living standards. Since Canada is a student-friendly country which welcomes millions of students every year from all over the world, it provides various assistance and needful help so that students can meet their academic goals without any worry. There are various opportunities for overseas students by which they can reduce their financial burden and improve their skills.


What mode of transport are available in Canada for students to commute within the country?

Metro trains and buses are two major mode of transportation available in Canada which students can afford easily. Different cities in Canada have their own transport system like Ferries, bike taxi sharing and seabus etc. which students can opt depending upon city in which they are living.

How much money will be needed to purchase groceries in Canada in case a student is accommodated off-campus?

On average, an international student will require around 200-700 CAD to purchase groceries in Canada.

What is the cost of expenditure on having meals in Canadian restaurants?

Having meals in Canadian restaurants including breakfast, lunch and dinner will cost around 15-20 CAD per person.

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