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French Universities

French Universities: Application Process for 2024 Intakes

Before starting preparations to study in France, you need to know about the admission cycle of the France Universities so that you can have general information about the beginning of the application process for higher studies in 2024

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Why Study in France?

France is one of the premier destinations for international students including Indians because of its rich heritage, multicultural environment, presence of the world’s top universities that promote research and innovation as well as acceptance of French degrees that give direct access to more than 500 companies present in India. On average, France welcomes around 3500-4000 Indian students every year.

There are around 35 France universities in the QS World University ranking 2024 which shows the reliability of the global community of students and academicians in France for pursuing higher studies.

France is the world’s fifth developed economy and has over 30 companies of the world’s most 500 powerful companies. In Academics, France has produced over 15 noble laureates in literature, 13 in physics and 3 in economics. The education system in France represents 20% of the investment in the total budget.

Intakes in France Universities 2024

Before starting preparations to study in France, you need to know about the admission cycle of the French institutes so that you can have general information about the beginning of the application process for higher studies.

Type of IntakesApplication cycleCommencement of Semester
September/Fall intake (Rentrรฉe d'Automne)March-AugustSeptember
January/Spring intake (Rentrรฉe d'Hiver)September-DecemberJanuary

Fall intake is the primary intake that most of the students consider better to commence their studies in France because it is the start of the academic calendar in the country. Spring intake is less common and small in comparison to fall intake because it is offered by some universities. Students opt for this in case they have missed deadlines or need more time for preparations.

Study in France: Levels of Programs

France has approximately 3000 public and private universities around the country which receive 75% of foreign students every year for post-secondary education. Students choose from a variety of courses such as Science, Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Physical Education etc. to accomplish their aims in life. Like every other country, France has also divided its higher education system into three levels. (three-tier system).

Bachelor’s Degree-

It is also known as a licence whose duration is 3 years.

Master’s Degree-

The duration of the Master’s degree or post-graduation program in France is 3 years.


The duration of the doctorate program is 3 years in France

Application Process in Universities in France 2024

Who does not want admission to good and top universities to pursue their dreams? However, choosing the right program at the right university is a somewhat difficult task if you have not planned your calendar appropriately.

In France, since the academic year gives two intake options, there is ample time given to aspiring foreign students to plan and execute their preparation schedule accordingly so that they can land at the right place at the right time. The application procedures in bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs may vary regardless of the intake you are choosing to study.ย 

What is Etudes en France?

Campus France is the public nodal agency of France which provides assistance and guidance to foreign nationals who want to study in France. Since India is one such country which is affected by ‘Etudes en France’ and listed in Campus France, Indian students can visit its official website to start processing the application for bachelor’s degree courses in France.

Campus France is the centralised body which receives applications and forwards them to chosen institutes. International students can also seek Campus France to set up the visa process. From entrance to enrollment, Campus France is the reliable and one-stop portal for international students.

Documents Checklist

International students wishing to pursue degree programs in France should arrange and prepare their documents before applying for their desired course on Campus France since they have to submit the following documents during making application process:

  • All previous educational transcripts
  • Scores of all the tests like – GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
  • If you are enrolling in a French-taught course, you need the certificate for DELF or DALF.
  • Letter of Recommendation: A minimum of two LORs is essential for a university application since it gives admissions committees important information about the potential, skills, and character of an applicant.ย 
  • LOR is usually provided by instructors, mentors, or supervisors who have a close working relationship with the candidate in a previous college or workplace.
  • Statement of Purpose: SOP includes the purpose and motivations which drive you to choose France as your career destination. It can be two/three pages long.
  • CV/Resume
  • Passport size photographs
  • Work Experience certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport

The eligibility criteria for different courses in one or more universities might differ.ย 

Application Process in French Universities

Public Universities provide admission to Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree courses through Campus France. For the doctorate program, applications can be made through the university directly. On the other hand, private institutions provide admission to international students on their own in any level of program.ย ย 

Let’s have a detailed discussion on the steps needed to be taken before entering your dream university.

Research and Evaluate

The basic process of applying to some universities is to first evaluate the field of interest you have, skills you possess and subject knowledge you carry. Through this, you will have an idea in what field or subject area you can excel in case you haven’t decided on your career


Based upon this, explore the available courses and universities that offer them. Visit their respective websites and go through details of the course including curriculum, fee structure and other benefits like scholarships and scope of the chosen course. Shortlist 8-10 universities which are supposed to fulfil your career aspirations.

Application Process (Candidature)

  • Visit the Etudes en France website and create an account.
  • Check your email for password generation.
  • Note down the Campus France registration number.
  • Now visit the official website of Campus France and log in.
  • You can also take the help of Campus France to explore the programs available in their catalogue
  • Submit your details like personal details, academic records and motivation for the programs.
  • The local advisor of Campus France will review your application and schedule the date for an interview.
  • Pay the processing fees of Rs.18,000 through online mode on the website

The Interview

  • The candidate is required to appear in the interview, virtually or physically depending upon the local situation.
  • Carry your complete original documents along with one set of photocopies and fee receipts.ย 
  • After the interview, the original documents will be returned along with the interview completion certificate.

Visa Process

  • After qualifying for the interview, universities will start contacting you based on the recommendation given by the Campus France Advisor.
  • Go through the online portal of the universities and check their calendar for the given intake.
  • The enrollment process in different universities might differ. Go through their websites for further details.
  • Complete the process of admission and collect the acceptance letter.
  • Start your Visa application through the online portal of the French Government

The whole application process from entrance to enrollment might take 9-10 months to complete fully. Keeping this fact in mind, the international student wish to pursue degree courses in France should initiate the process as earliest as possible in any given intake.

Top Universities in France 2024

University QS World University Ranking 2024
PSL University Paris24
Institut Polytechnique de Paris38
Sorbonne University59
Universitรฉ Paris-Saclay71
Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon184

Top Courses in France 2024

Top CoursesAverage Tuition FeesJob Prospects
MBAโ‚ฌ30,000-90,000 (27 Lakhs-90 Lakhs INR approx)Account Manager
Business Developer
Sales Executive
Engineeringโ‚ฌ20,000-30,000 (19 Lakhs-27 Lakhs INR approx)Software Developer
Civil Enginner
Mechanical Engineer
Computer Scienceโ‚ฌ10,000-25,000 (9 Lakhs-22 Lakhs INR approx)AI Expert
Application Analyst
Cyber Security Analyst
Fashion Designingโ‚ฌ9,000-18,000 (8 Lakhs-18 Lakhs INR approx)Product Designer
Stock Associate
Design Manager
Hotel Managementโ‚ฌ6,000-10,000 (5 Lakhs-9 Lakhs INR approx)Hotel Manager
Sous Chef
Data Scienceโ‚ฌ10,000-40,000 (9 Lakhs-36 Lakhs INR approx)Data Scientist
Prompt Engineer
Data Scientist
Medicineโ‚ฌ18,000-40,000 (18 Lakhs-36 Lakhs INR approx)Doctor
Film and Mediaโ‚ฌ40,000-100,000 (36 Lakhs-90 Lakhs INR approx)Video Editor
Motion Design
Financeโ‚ฌ12,000-30,000 (8 Lakhs-27 Lakhs INR approx)Accountant
Financial Advisor
Financial analyst


To sum up, France is the leading study destination in Europe, having modern infrastructure and a top-class education system. To begin study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, foreign students can use the centralised facility of the Government of France whereas enrolling in doctorate programs needs the direct involvement of the university individually. Private institutions in France offer admission on their own at any level. Students are needed to start preparing for admission in any intakes, before 9-10 months because of high competition for admission in French public universities.


Can an International student work along with his/her study in France?

Yes, they have an option to work part-time upto 964 hours every year to reduce their living expenses in France.

Is the French language necessary to get admission to universities in France?

Some institutes do not require the eligibility of French proficiency to impart admission to a student. However, most universities might prefer proficiency in French to give an offer letter to the student.

What is the costs of living in France?

Apart from tuition fees, the costs of expenses in France might vary according to location and choice of lifestyle. On average, it falls in the range of 2,500-4,000 Euros per year.

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