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Raman Charpak

Raman-Charpak Fellowship 2024

The Raman-Charpak Fellowship program is named after two physics Nobel laureates: Professor C.V. Raman (1930), an Indian, and Professor Georges Charpak (1992), a Frenchman. The Fellowship was introduced in February 2013 during the State visit of the French President to India. This was to motivate students to study in France using this scholarship program.

What is a Raman-Charpak Fellowship?

This program run by the Indo-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR/ CEFIPRA) aims to improve the student’s doctoral skills.

The fellowship offers Indian and French students great opportunities to conduct some of their research in a university or development institute based in France or India, respectively.

Subjects Covered:

Atmospheric Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Materials and Physical, Chemical, Engineering, Biological, Life and Medical, Mathematical, and Computational Sciences.

Key Features

โ†’ Promotes academic and research exchange between India and France.

โ†’ Supports science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students for short-term research projects.

โ†’ Provides financial support for travel, living expenses, and health insurance.

โ†’ Facilitates collaboration between premier institutions in both countries.

โ†’ Builds a network of scholars and researchers across borders.


โ†’ Indian citizens who live in India and have applied for a Ph.D. at an accredited university or research facility must submit applications from India.

โ†’ Applications from France must be made by residents who are enrolled in a French university or research institution for a Ph.D. or master’s degree.

โ†’ Possess a Master’s degree (in science, technology, or medicine) from an accredited university or institution.

โ†’ The maximum age to apply is 30.

โ†’ Students who were once CEFIPRA-supported, now participating in CEFIPRA projects, and students holding permanent posts at institutions or universities are not eligible.

โ†’ To apply for a foreign fellowship program, the applicant must obtain previous approval or consent from his or her university or institute.

Application Process

โ†’ Apply online at through an online submission system

Grant Benefits

โ†’ 1500 euros per month in fellowship support for an Indian fellow, plus additional costs for social security and local transport and lodging

โ†’ For a French Fellow, the fellowship will provide INR 40,000 per month in support for daily expenses, local transport, etc., and housing costs that will not exceed INR 45,000 per month.

โ†’ One round-trip ticket in the economy between France and India

โ†’ Insurance (travel and health) wherever necessary

โ†’ If there are any administrative fees for a visa or registration

โ†’ Additional assistance (limited to registration fees, transport, and lodging costs; up to 500 euros for Indian fellows and equivalent in Indian rupees for French fellows) for participating in a seminar or workshop during their fellowship term.


Selection Requirement

โ†’ A CV (up to 3 pages) with a list of relevant publications, etc.

โ†’ A letter of recommendation from the Ph.D. supervisor in their native lab.

โ†’ PhD synopsis or summary of PhD work (up to 3 pages only).

โ†’ Research experience letter or publications as proof (first author or co-author).

โ†’ No objection certificate from the Head of the Institution.

โ†’ Scanned copy of highest degree certificate.

โ†’ Scanned copy of PhD registration letter.

โ†’ A scanned copy of the passport (both front and back).

Financial Assistance

Timeline Indian & French PhD Students French Mastersโ€™ Students
Launching April/MayApril
End of Deadline June/July October
Declaration of ResultEnd-September (Tentative)Mid-December (Tentative)
Starting date of fellowshipMid-October onwardsMid-January (following year) onwards

Why Raman-Charpak Scholarship?ย 

In order to increase the scholarship program and depth of future exchanges in science, technology, and innovation, it is intended to enable the interchange of Ph.D. students between the two nations.

According to their syllabus, French Master Students may now participate in this program if they choose to spend some time in India. By allowing them to intern in a university or research institute located in India, it seeks to enhance the master’s abilities of French students.

The scholarship is best for Indian students as it offers diverse learning opportunities for better research outcomes.

To know more, visit the AdmitX website. Do not forget to check more scholarships that you are eligible for.ย 

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