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MS in Data Science in Canada

MS in Data Science in Canada for Indian Students 2024

After USA, Canada is the most preferred hotspot for pursuing higher studies in various domains due to the presence of world-class institutes, cutting-edge technology, modern infrastructure, multicultural environment and peaceful aura.

Canada is the prime destination for those who want to develop their academic and professional career in Data Sciences in 2024.

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What is Data Science?

Data Science is the subject field of Computer Science which deals with the study and acquiring knowledge of converting or processing large amounts of unstructured, noisy and chaotic data to meaningful insights. Data Science integrates the application of Mathematics, Statistics, Machine learning, and Computer Science.

In 2024, Data Science will remain the most demanding field where there is a need for skilful and professional experts are required. This will going to create an abundant scope in sectors like Marketing, Finances, HR, Data analytics etc. However, before entering in these sectors, one needs to develop mastery in Data Science.

In this blog, we will discuss the MS in Data Science in Canada including the best universities offering it, admission process, specialisations, eligibility and more.

Why MS in Data Science in Canada 2024

MS in Data Science in Canada is the 2 years full-time post-graduate degree program which imparts knowledge and skill development in various subdisciplines like data analytics, artificial intelligence, market statistics etc.

Now, why pursue a Masters in Data Science in Canada? And what makes Canadian universities different in the same aspect?

Let’s have a look at some factors now:

Academic Excellence: The policies of the liberal government of Canada have authorised the provinces and territories to have their regulations and conduct according to which universities have to work. Apart from this, Canadian professionals invest huge finances in public universities to improve the education system.

With the presence of cutting-edge infrastructure, a robust economy, modern study methodologies and a vibrant culture, Canada’s education system continues to rise among others.

Employment Opportunities: Like other fields especially in engineering and science, Canada offers great exposure to top industries, experts and corporates in Data Science with whom graduates can collaborate not just to have lavish and comfortable lifestyles but also to present solutions to modern-day real-world problems.

Global Recognition: The MS in Data Science degree earned in Canadian universities is recognised globally by all universities and employers due to the unique and prestigious identity of academic standards of Canada. This gives a wide scope of career opportunities to students who want to pursue their dreams in data sciences.

Curriculum of MS in Data Science in Canada

Some of the major and common specialisations offered in Data Science courses in Canada for international students at masters level are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Mining
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Informatics
  • Supply chain analytics

Best Universities Offering Data Science in Canada 2024

We are presenting you a list of top universities that offer MS in Data Science in Canada in 2024.

UniversityQS World University RankingAnnual Tuition FeesCourse OfferedDuration
HEC Montreal34CAD 15,020MSc Data Science
Graduate Certificate in Information Systems and Security Analysis
2 Years
University of Toronto38CAD 58,680MSc Applied Computing- Data Science2 Years
Rayerson University-CAD 38,000MSc Data Science and Analytics2 Years
University of Waterloo56CAD 46,251"MSc Data Science
Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence"
2 Years
University of British Columbia62CAD 9,109Master of Data Science10 months
University of Calgary151-200CAD 10,020Master of Data Science and Analytics
Graduate Certificate in Data Science and Analytics
2 Years
Simon Fraser University318CAD 31,780Professional masters program in Computer Science-Big Data Specialisation2 Years
University of Guelph486CAD 8,000Master of Data Science2 Years

Relation between Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Science

As we have discussed earlier Data Science is the process of converting data to its meaningful form. The purpose of doing so is to formulate strategies in various sectors like marketing, finance, FMCGs etc for better growth through insights analysis.

When you pursue MS in Data Science in Canada, you will have the major portion of the curriculum covered with either Data analytics or Big data.

Data Analytics: It is a part of Data Science which provides data insights through visual representations in the form of graphs, charts, tables, trends etc.Ā 

Big Data: It is the process of gathering large amounts of data to extract significant information. This is useful for gaining business competency.

Below is the table enlisting the significance of these three important elements of Computer Science in various domains highlighting the Data science scope in Canada.

Data ScienceData AnalyticsBig Data
SEOFMCGData communication
AIIT & TelecomFinancial analysis
Machine LearningHealthcareConsumer behaviour
Corporate AnalysisEducationBanking

Eligibility Criteria for MS in Data Science in Canada

The eligibility criteria for seeking admission to Master’s in Data Science course in Canada are:

Direct Admission

Indian students who have completed their undergraduate degree program in B.Tech (Computer Science), B.Pharm, M.B.B.S., B.Eng., or B.Arch of 4 years duration is eligible to be admitted to masters in data science in Canada directly by applying on the university website.

Indirect Admission

In case an Indian student has completed his/her undergraduation in a 3-year degree course like B.Sc, they have to either undergo WES Evaluation process to validate their credentials earned in Indian boards of education or pursue a bridge course such as Diploma in Statistical Science to gain expertise in statistics required for PG degree course in Data Science

Time duration: The process of WES Evaluation takes 7-10 days to complete, so it is advisable to apply for WES ECA accordingly.

Fees: INR 13,500/ (CA$163)

Documents Checklist

  • Academic transcripts
  • A minimum GPA score of 3.0 out of 4.0 or 70-80% is required.
  • GRE Scorecard: Although it is not required, some universities may prefer it. A minimum score of 310 is required (cut-off may depend on the university)
  • English language proficiency scorecard:Ā TOEFL (97-100), IELTS (6.0-7.0), PTE (65-70) is required
  • 2-3 Letter of Recommendation: It gives admissions committees important information about the potential, skills, and character of an applicant.Ā 
  • 1-2 Statement of Purpose: SOP includes the purpose and motivations which drive you to choose Canada as your career destination.Ā 
  • CV/Resume
  • Work Experience certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of Funds
  • Health Insurance
  • Passport
  • Photgraphs

Intakes in Canada 2024

Type of IntakeApplication CycleCommencement of Semester
Fall IntakeNovember 2023-January 2024August/September 2024
Winter IntakeSeptember 2024-December 2024January 2025
Spring IntakeNovemer-FebruaryMay 2024

Application Process for Masters in Data Science in Canada

The preparation for applying to Canadian universities should be initiated 1 year before the commencement of the session in particular or desired intake because gathering, arranging and assembling the required documents might take time.

Indian students desiring to pursue the Masters degree course in Data Science in Canada are required to apply on the university website.

Data Science Jobs in Canada

After completing MS in Data Science in Canada, students get jobs are of entry-level positions and with an increase in experience and expertise in work, one can grow further in his/her career.

Some of the top industries in Canada for data science areĀ 

  • Automotive industry
  • Banking and Finance
  • Education
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Marketing-advertising
  • Online businesses
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

Below is the list of popular and highest-paying data science jobs in Canada in 2024.

Job TitlesAverage Salary (per year)
Application ArchitectCAD 92,000-1,00,000
Big Data EngineerCAD 81,000-1,00,000
Business AnalystCAD 58,000-82,000
Business intelligence AnalystCAD 5,00,00-11,00,000
Business Intelligence OfficerCAD 1,00,00-3,00,000
Data AnalystCAD 4,00,00-9,00,000
Data ArchitectCAD 93,000-1,00,000
Data ScientistCAD 74,000-1,00,000
Data Mining EngineerCAD 75,000-1,00,000
Machine Learning EngineerCAD 8,00,00-14,00,000

Required Skills for Top Jobs in Data Science

To pursue career further in Data Science after the completion of masters in data science in Canada, students need to develop expertise and mastery in following domains

  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Communication skills
  • Extraction and loading of data
  • Intellectual thinking
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Data visualisation
  • Team work
  • Busineess strategy


Data Science is a prominent and growing career across the globe. After USA, Canada is the most preferred hotspot for pursuing higher studies in various domains.

Due to the presence of world-class institutes, cutting-edge technology, modern infrastructure, multicultural environment and peaceful aura, Canada is the prime destination for those who want to develop their academic and professional career in Data Sciences.

There is ample scope in this field after one fulfils academic commitment. However, this often requires certain skills which can be cultivated and polished to get succeed in the domain of Data Science.Ā 


Is it compulsory to have a qualification in Computer Science subject to pursue an MS in Data Science in Canada?

Yes, because the curriculum of master courses often includes specialised sub-domains of the major subjects (Computer Science and Mathematics) pursued at the bachelor level.

Do Canadian universities teach Data Science courses in the French language?

No, the mode of delivering Data science courses is in English. However, if you are interested in learning the French language to polish your communication skills among the French community in Canada, you can also pursue a French language course.

What are the common part-time jobs which an international student can do while pursuing Masters in Data Science in Canada?

There are some of the part-time work opportunities available in Canada. They are Server/bartender (CA$13 per hour), sales assistant (CA$14 per hour), barista (CA$14 per hour), dog walker (CA$15 per hour), tutor (CA$16 per hour), cab/delivery driver (CA$19 per hour).

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