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Students standing together smiling with notebooks in their hands showing the value of living expenses in UK

Living Expenses in UK for Indian Students

The United Kingdom has become the favourite destination for international students including Indians due to its high-quality education system, availability of affordable accommodation, cultural diversity, connectivity to other parts of the world etc.

However, sometimes students might have problems managing their living expenses in UK. This blog will give you an insight into the costs of living in UK

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What are Living Expenses?

Living expenses are finances required to sustain and maintain normal living standards such as house rent, cost of food, transportation, clothing, utility bills like electricity, gas, phone bills, laundry etc.

Every year thousands of Indian students fly to the United Kingdom to study in premier institutes like the University of Oxford, Imperial College, Cambridge University etc. to fulfil their career aspirations.

However many times they face challenges and difficulties in estimating their cost of living in the UK. Here, we are going to present you with a brief discussion on living expenses in the UK including tips to reduce unnecessary expenditures while studying there without any worry.

Why Study in the UK?

In recent years the United Kingdom has become a favourite hotspot among international students, especially Asians to pursue professional courses from top universities located there.

This is due to various reasons such as a high-quality education system, shorter course duration, exploration of cultural diversity and health benefits etc.

According to the QS University Rankings, 2023, four out of the top ten institutions in the world are based in the UK. Besides this, you will receive a lot of professional opportunities around the globe after getting the degree from universities in the UK.

Average Expenses in the UK for International Students

First of all, depending upon the city in which you are living and the course you are going to pursue, the living expenses in UK can be estimated. However, an Indian student should make a budget between £1000-2000 (1 Lakhs-2 Lakhs INR approximately ) to sustain themselves with accommodation, food, transportation, utilities etc. 

Apart from these costs, tuition fees for pursuing courses are also considered which are subject to university revision every year. Hence one should make their financial preparations in advance to avoid any chaos. 

Below is the table that enlists the general breakout of the cost of living in UK for Indian students.

ExpensesCost of Expenditure per month
Accommodation£500-900 (52,000-95,000 INR approx)
Food£100-250 (10,000-25,000 INR approx)
Transportation£50-80 (5,000-8,000 INR approx)
Amusement£30 (3,000 INR approx)
Health Insurance£400-800 (42,000-80,000 INR approx)
Utilities bill£100-120 (10,000-20,000 INR approx)

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Affordable Cities in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom provides every possible opportunity for Indian students to pursue their dreams while studying. However, if they are unable to relocate to major cities for financial reasons, they can be accommodated in affordable cities with lower living costs. 

Here is the list of some of them

Affordable Cities in the UKCosts of Living per month
Cardiff£1000-1500 (1 lakhs-2 lakhs INR approx)
Liverpool£700-1200 (70k-99k INR approx)
Leeds£1000-1100 (1.15 lakhs INR approx)
Leicester£500-900 (50k-90k INR approx)
Newcastle£700-1000 (70k-1 lakhs INR approx)
Lincoln£700-900 (70k-90k INR approx)
Bournemouth£800-1100 (80k-1.15 lakhs INR approx)
Portsmouth£600-1000 (60k-1 lakhs INR approx)
Nottingham£800-1200 (80k-99k approx)
Coventry£700-1000 (70k-1 lakhs approx)

Cost of Accommodation in the UK

Rent of accommodation in the UK may vary according to location, accommodation type, size of house and requirements etc.

However, most international students prefer to be accommodated in on-campus homes which usually cost around £100-200. London being the capital city of England, offers on-campus accommodation at a very high cost which is around £200.

On the other hand, if students go for off-campus housing, accommodation rent costs around £60-80 per week on a shared basis and £100-200 in single studio apartments. 

Below we are presenting a table to showcase the off-campus average cost of accommodation in some of the affordable as well as major cities (for one person)

CityAverage cost of accommodation (per month)
London£1200-1500 (1 lakhs INR approx)
Leicester£260-600 (25k-60k INR approx)
Birmingham£400-800 (40k-80k INR approx)
Oxford£500-900 (50k-90k INR approx)
Leeds£500-1000 (50k-1 lakhs INR approx)
Edinburg£600-800 (60k-80k INR approx)
Glasgow£400-800 (40k-80k INR approx)
Manchester£600-1400 (60k-1 Lakhs approx)
Nottingham£600-1300 (60k-1 lakhs approx)
Belfast£600-1200 (60k-1 lakhs approx)

Average Tuition Cost in the UK

The UK provide quality and premier education to students coming from all corners of the globe. The study cost in the UK depends upon the chosen college, course, tuition fee etc.

Every year UK makes certain revisions in the tuition fee which may affect overall education expenditure. International students have to confirm tuition fees before applying for a particular course. 

Here is the table enlisting the average tuition costs of different streams in the UK:

StreamsAverage education cost per year (UG course)Average education cost per year (PG course)
Medicine£19000-38000 (20 Lakhs-40 lakhs INR approx)£15000-40000 (15 Lakhs-40 lakhs INR approx)
Engineering£25000-45000 (26 Lakhs-47 Lakhs INR approx)£23000-40000 (25 Lakhs-42 Lakhs INR approx)
Business Management£23000-40000 (25 Lakhs-42 Lakhs INR approx)£25000-45000 (26 Lakhs-46 Lakhs INR approx)
Law£15000-35000 (15 Lakhs-36 Lakhs INR approx)£22000-38000 (22 Lakhs-39 Lakhs INR approx)
Pharmacy£6000-24000 (6 Lakhs-25 Lakhs INR approx)£12000-36000 (13 Lakh-35 Lakhs INR approx)
Nursing£14000-30000 (14 Lakh-30 Lakhs INR approx)£16000-30000 (17 Lakhs-30 lakhs INR approx)
Computer Science£25000-40000 (26 Lakhs-40 Lakhs INR approx)£27000-45000 (26 Lakhs-45 Lakhs INR approx)
Architecture and Mining£20000-40000 (21 Lakhs-40 Lakhs INR approx)£22000-35000 (22 Lakhs-36 Lakhs INR approx)

Health Insurance for Indian Students in UK

The UK is having world-class and most modern health infrastructure system in the world. The UK is supporting every international student including Indians in maintaining good health and well-being so that they can focus on their studies without any worry. The universities based in the UK took care of both the physical and mental well-being of the students.

National Health Service (NHS) is one such effort of the healthcare care system of the UK where just paying the fee of a nominal amount that is £776 per annum (as of December 2023 updates), students can gain access to a world-class healthcare system.

This fee is known as the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)  included in the Visa application process. Students do not need private medical insurance unless they are studying a course that lasts less than six months.

An immigration health surcharge is a mandatory upfront payment that must be made when applying for entry or residency in the UK.

Living expenses in UK: Accommodation, Transport, Meals and Attractions

Following is the overview of the average cost of accommodation, travelling, food and exploring tourist attractions in the major cities of the UK.


  • Accommodation: £1200-1500 per month
  • Transportation: £66-75 per month
  • Meals: £100-200 per month
  • Attractions: £150-200 per month


  • Accommodation: £400-800 per month
  • Transportation: £50-80 per month
  • Meals: £6-50 per month
  • Attractions: £100-120 per month


  • Accommodation: £400-800 per month
  • Transportation: £30-80 per month
  • Meals: £80-150 per month
  • Attractions: £19-40 per month


  • Accommodation: £600-1200 per month
  • Transportation: £100-120 per month
  • Meals: £160-200 per month
  • Attractions: £80-100 per month


  • Accommodation: £600-800 per month
  • Transportation: £60-80 per month
  • Meals: £150 – 200 per month
  • Attractions: £80 – 100 per month

Tips to Cut Living Expenses in UK

Exploring academic courses on a foreign land like the UK might be expensive to international students including Indians because of the high costs of accommodation, transportation, meals and utility bills. However, you can follow these steps to reduce the cost of living in the UK.

Share Accommodation

Rather than opting for a personal room, choose shared accommodation no matter whether you have decided to go with an on-campus or off-campus stay. In both cases, the cost will be reduced for shared accommodation.

Self-Cooking or Mess Option

Whether you have selected on-campus or off-campus stay, rely on either self-cooking or mess food provided by the university to its students rather than dining out. It will save you money which you can use for other meaningful activities.

Public Transportation

Use public transport service rather than buying cars or motorbikes. You can also purchase a bicycle to commute which will not only save you fuel and maintenance charges but also make you feel proud of contributing to conserving the environment through an eco-friendly way.

Budgeting and Tracking Expenses

Preparing a budget on a weekly or monthly basis will help in estimating the costs of expenditure. Through this process, you can also track your expenses. There are several tools available online which will benefit you.

Part-time Work

Explore part-time job opportunities which will not only help you manage your expenses but also foster the necessary skills required for future employment. Keep in mind restrictions on working hours for international students.


In conclusion, the living expenses in the UK for Indian students in 2024 vary according to city and preference of living standards.

Since the UK is a student-friendly country which welcomes millions of students every year from all over the world, it provides various assistance and needful help so that students can meet their academic goals without any worry.

There are various opportunities for overseas students by which they can reduce their financial burden and improve their skills.

To sum up, an Indian student needs £500-1500 to manage his/her living expenses in UK. This may vary from region to region.


What is the difference between living expenses of London and Edinburg?

Edinburg, the capital city of Scotland is 70% cheaper than London. You will need £6000 per annum approx to maintain the same living standards in London that you can have with £3000-4000 per annum in Scotland.

What part time work are generally available to international students in UK?

While studying international students in the UK can work part time for up to 20 hours per week to maintain their costs of living and also to gain skills. Some best part time jobs available for Indian students are Receptionist, Clerk, Tutor, Library assistant, Customer service representative etc.

Do institutions of UK accept the 10+2+4 education system of India?

Yes, institutes of UK accept the Indian education system of 10+2+4. However, some programs might require equivalent scores to that of UK.

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