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Jobs in Singapore for Indians

How to Get Jobs In Singapore For Indians?

Singapore is among the most flourishing economies globally, both in Asia and worldwide. A well-established job market, competitive salaries, and a varied working atmosphere have made it a desirable job location for international employees. This blog is a detailed manual for Indian students interested in studying at Singaporean universities and pursuing employment there.

Those eager to work in Singapore ask, “Is it possible for me to find the best jobs in Singapore while in India?” will be happy to know that the answer is affirmative. Glassdoor Singapore reports that the average salary in Singapore is SGD 70,000 (INR 43 Lakhs). But how do you begin, and where do you start? That is precisely the topic we will be addressing in this blog. Continue reading to learn the detailed process of applying for jobs in Singapore for Indians.

Jobs in Singapore for Indian Students

The Ministry of Manpower Singapore reported that Singapore’s unemployment rate stood at 3.0% in March 2024. This represents nearly half of India’s joblessness level, which is 7.6%. Singapore provides employment opportunities for Indians in IT, digital marketing, tourism, and other expanding industries. The job market in Singapore is robust and secure. With a lower unemployment rate and higher employment opportunities, the country is now a sought-after place for people worldwide to work.ย 

Begin your search by determining the most profitable sectors in the nation that correspond to your professional background. Consider consulting genuine industry reports, labor market trends, etc., to support your research. Additionally, it is recommended to familiarize oneself with the employment laws and regulations that govern migrant workers. This will significantly assist you in your job hunt.

Best Job Opportunities For Indians in Singapore

The key industries in Singapore that drive job creation are technology, tourism, and finance. Many well-paying jobs in Singapore are linked to these sectors. If you are an international student considering studying in Singapore, it is essential to be aware of the highest-paying jobs available in the country. This information will assist you in determining your career direction and choosing a course that suits your future goals. Below are ten high-paying jobs in Singapore for Indians:

Job PostSalaries
Hotel & Tourism65,580 SGD (INR 40 Lacs)
Business & Management133,403 SGD (INR 82 Lacs)
Arts, Culture, Performance56,475 SGD (INR 34 Lacs)
Law117,173 SGD (INR 72 Lacs)
Healthcare & Medical101,867 SGD (INR 62 Lacs)
Engineers & Technicians69,143 SGD (INR 42 Lacs)
Insurance121,660 SGD (INR 75 Lacs)
Aviation & Shipping104,110 SGD (INR 64 Lacs)
IT and programming84,713 SGD (INR 52 Lacs)
Banking & Finance110,708 SGD (INR 68 Lacs)

Top Industries in Singapore

Various industries are flourishing in Singapore, which opens doors for employment options for Indians. Apart from the individual jobs in Singapore for Indians, there are industries that you should look for to find more diverse opportunities and get the highest paying jobs in Singapore. Below are some of the sectors which have paved the way to create employment:

  1. Green Infrastructure: Singapore is dedicated to decreasing its carbon footprint and preserving a sustainable green infrastructure. Students with expertise in solar energy, wind power, and sustainable building design are eligible for employment within this industry. Companies in Singapore are actively searching for skilled individuals with expertise in sustainable technologies. Indian professionals who possess the necessary skills and qualifications have the chance to secure rewarding job prospects in this expanding industry.
  2. Agri-Tech Industry: Singapore is working towards achieving self-sufficiency in meeting its food requirements. They aim to grow enough produce to meet 30% of their needs by 2030. They are utilising advanced technology and skilled individuals to accomplish their objectives. This sector will generate thousands of job opportunities in the coming years. There are possibilities to get jobs in Singapore for Indian students.
  3. Medical Industry: Singapore’s healthcare industry enjoys a solid worldwide reputation. Being involved in the medical field in Singapore offers the opportunity to see the latest technology, participate in research, and collaborate with skilled individuals, providing a good salary in Singapore.
  4. Maritime and Shipping: The shipping sector holds significant importance in Singapore. It is a sector in Singapore that is experiencing growth and substantially contributes to its total GDP. Singapore has emerged as one of the top maritime countries globally. Students enrolled in engineering, finance, and logistics programs have the opportunity to pursue careers within this industry.

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Eligibility For Jobs In Singapore for Indians

To secure employment in Singapore, it is essential to possess the necessary skills, legal documents, and a basic understanding of the job market in Singapore. There are currently so many individuals from various nations employed in Singapore. You can get a job if you are eligible to work in Singapore. The following are the requirements for eligibility:

Work permit

To work in Singapore, you must have a mandatory work permit. There needs to be more than an offer letter from Singapore to qualify for employment in the nation. Once you receive a job offer from a company in Singapore, you need to acquire a Work Permit from the Ministry of Manpower to start working there.

Educational Qualifications

All job opportunities in Singapore for Indian students mandate a particular educational level from the applicants. A graduate or postgraduate degree is usually required for most positions. In addition to a college degree, specific job roles necessitate additional skills and certifications. You are strongly advised to thoroughly review the job description before submitting your application.

Language proficiency

Singapore has a varied work culture, with individuals from around the world residing and working there. Although there are four official languages, English remains the primary language for migrant workers. Many employers expect foreign job applicants to have a strong command of the English language. Specific job posts may even need candidates to have an IELTS qualification.

Note: Certain recruiters can ask you for medical tests other than these requirements. So, you must read the job description before applying to any job.

Benefits of Working in Singapore

Singapore’s advancement can be attributed to its business-friendly policies, highly skilled workforce, and strategic location. Previously, the Singapore government dedicated significant resources to training and educating its workforce. They are now turning their attention to innovation to boost their productivity. Singapore’s economy is strong, and its job market is open to foreign workers. There are numerous benefits to pursuing employment in Singapore as an Indian post-graduation student. Below are a few examples:

Lucrative Salaries

The pay for working in Singapore is attractive. Recruiters provide competitive salaries to attract highly skilled workers due to a high worker demand. Indian students have the potential to receive a good salary package. Part-time jobs for Indian students in Singapore can also help them meet their living expenses.

Work-Life Balance

Singapore is rapidly becoming a haven for professionals seeking a healthy work-life balance. The government actively promotes flexible work arrangements, giving employees more control over their schedules. This can be a compressed 4-day work week, allowing for a more extended weekend without sacrificing productivity. Additionally, Work-from-home (WFH) policies are becoming increasingly common, granting employees the flexibility to work remotely when possible.

Great Work Experience

Studying in Singapore opens doors to exciting careers! Many multinational corporations (MNCs) like Meta and Microsoft have offices there, generating many job opportunities. Indian students can leverage their education to land positions with these giants, gaining valuable international work experience. This strengthens their resumes and provides a platform to learn from diverse teams and grow in a globalised work environment.

Work Permits and Immigration Process

Many international students are enrolled in various programs provided by universities in Singapore. Only these students will be eligible for a visa, allowing them to work in this country after completing their studies. The work visa and post-study work visas in Singapore are different. The “Work Pass” is a commonly used term for the post-study work visa in Singapore. An individual from another country who intends to work in Singapore must obtain a valid work pass or post-study work visa through an application process before searching for jobs. Here are the types of work permits for professionals:

Short-term Visit Pass

It is a visa category given to individuals who have recently completed their studies in Singapore and whose student visa is no longer valid. This visa permits students to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days and gives them the opportunity to look for jobs within the country.ย 

Employment Pass

Employment Pass is Singapore’s most common work permit, enabling highly skilled managers, executives, and other professionals from India to work. To qualify for this license, the candidate must earn at least $5,000 monthly. Moreover, they are required to pass the COMPASS (Complementary Assessment Framework) successfully.

S Pass

The S Pass is made for foreign skilled workers who still need to meet the requirements for an Employment Pass. To qualify for this work pass in Singapore, an experienced worker must receive a minimum monthly salary of SGD 3,150 (equivalent to approximately INR 1.94 Lakhs).

How do you get a job in Singapore as an Indian?

Securing a job in a different country is more complex than getting a job in your country. Before applying for a suitable job, it is essential to consider several other factors. First and foremost, familiarise yourself with the nation’s job market. Below are certain things you can follow to find jobs in Singapore for Indians:

Draft a Relevant Resume

Landing your dream job in Singapore starts with a solid first impression: your resume and cover letter. These documents are your gateway to showcasing your skills and experience to potential employers. To optimise your chances, ensuring your resume adheres to Singaporean standards is crucial, making you feel prepared and confident. Prioritise clarity and conciseness, and remember that honesty is essentialโ€“ avoid using casual language and maintain a professional tone by eliminating grammatical errors.ย 

While hobbies can add a personal touch, keep the focus on qualifications relevant to the position. Craft a compelling career objective statement highlighting your aspirations and aligning with your target role. By following these guidelines, you can create a resume that effectively captures the attention of employers in Singapore.

Apply for Jobs Via Websites

After researching the Singapore job market and creating a high-quality ATS-friendly resume, the next important step is to start applying for jobs in Singapore. Several reliable job portals in Singapore, such as Jobstreet, MyCareersFuture, Indeed, GrabJobs, Monster, etc., list job openings from various sectors in Singapore.

Sign up on those websites and submit your application online. When submitting job applications, thoroughly review the requirements to verify they align with your abilities and credentials. Moreover, conducting a thorough investigation of the company or employer you seek employment with is essential. This will help you avoid possible job scams.

Prepare for Interviews

Getting shortlisted for an interview abroad is a significant accomplishment. This can make your dreams of working overseas and becoming financially successful come true. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on this stage carefully.

Make sure to allocate sufficient time to study and prepare for the frequently asked interview questions about your specific job role and field. There are numerous online sources where you can find this information.

Apply for a Workย  Permit

After successfully passing the interview and receiving a job offer letter from Singapore, the crucial next step is to obtain an Employment Permit from the Ministry of Manpower. Your employer is responsible for obtaining your permit on your behalf. They have the option to either submit their application independently or with the assistance of a certified agent.

Additionally, it may take three to four weeks to obtain the Employment Permit. After it is approved, you will get an IPA (In-Principle Approval) letter. It provides a one-time entry to Singapore and lets you pick up your Employment Card from the Ministry of Manpower.

Meet the Visa Eligibility

After getting the Employment card, you can continue with the last immigration procedures, such as providing biometrics, finishing medical examinations, and more. It should be noted that the immigration process may differ depending on each case. Therefore, you are advised to look for the specific process and criteria on the Ministry of Manpower’s official website.


Take a strategic approach to land your dream job in Singapore’s booming economy. First, target a high-growth industry for better odds. Research local work practices to ensure a smooth transition. Use trusted job boards like JobsCentral or JobStreet to find legitimate opportunities. Before applying, delve into the company’s culture and background.ย 

To avoid delays, initiate your visa process as early as possible. Stay informed about any changes in immigration policies. Be cautious of scams and only use reputable resources. Finally, learn the way of life to ease your adjustment. By following these steps, you’ll be able to find fulfilling jobs in Singapore for Indians. However, if you are still finding it difficult to find employment or are in the process of finding a job in Singapore, then you can contact AdmitX for guidance related to your job search.


For how long can students work time in Singapore?

International students can work upto 16 hours a week, according to the Ministry of Manpower. You can even work full-time during vacations.

It depends on the recruiter and the company. English is widely spoken in Singapore. If a recruiter will strictly want an IELTS score, then you will have to provide it.

To secure a job offer in Singapore from India without permanent residency, it is recommended to submit applications on Singaporean job websites and networking platforms such as LinkedIn. After securing employment, you are eligible to request a work visa. After meeting the required residency period for your work visa in Singapore, you can apply for permanent residency.

If you are an aspirant looking to study at your dream university, book an appointment with AdmitX today and start your applications early to avail yourself of all the benefits.

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