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Master in Public Health in Canada graduate professional counsels the patient

Masters in Public Health in Canada

Canada has the most developed healthcare infrastructure in the world and pursuing the Masters in Public Health in Canada will be fruitful in case if you are looking to grow your career in the medical field. This gives you the best career options along with the chance to conduct philanthropic work in the community

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What is Public Health?

Public Health is the science of preventing and treating families and communities from diseases as well as making them aware of healthy lifestyles through research and study of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

A Public Health degree also gives you professional and foundational knowledge about dealing with or handling situations such as pandemics like COVID-19. The purpose of Public Health is to improve the quality of life of everyone through organized efforts of individuals, society and organizations.

Why Pursue Masters in Public Health in Canada?

Till the arrival of COVID-19, we rarely heard about the term โ€˜Public Healthโ€™. It was brought back into focus during the COVID era by some organisations including the United Nations after witnessing the huge collaboration and contribution of healthcare professionals.

This generated a demand for more skilled healthcare professionals to meet health challenges arising in the world. It also gives rise to excellent growth potential for international students including Indians.

Canada is known as home to the top universities and excellent healthcare facilities across the world and has taken the opportunity to bring specialization courses in Public Health into its curriculum to make the community more aware of safer health practices.ย Canada offers Master in Public Health (MPH) courses at low cost as compared to the USA and European countries.

Students pursuing MPH courses in Canada can obtain benefits from scholarship programs to cut their academic expenses. Also after completing this course, they will getย PR statusย which assures their stable career and life.

Below is the table that enlists the overview of the MPH course in Canada.

Overview of Masters in Public Health in Canada

CourseMasters in Public Health (MPH)
Course duration2 Years
Average FeeCAD 10,000-50,000 per year (6 Lakhs-30 Lakhs INR approx)
General admission eligibility/requirementsA Bachelor's degree in Science/Health Science or Nutrition with at least 75% or B+ grade under 10+2+4 years of education
GRE/MCAT Score: 160+(score may vary from one university to another)
English proficiency score:
IELTS- 7.0
TOEFL- 92-100 (iBT), 580-610 (PBT)
Academic Transcripts
Letter of Recommendation
Statement of Purpose
Work Experience (if any)
Visa and study permit

Top Specialisations in Masters in Public Health in Canada

Canada is home to 7 world-class universities of the top 100 institutions around the globe. These universities provide approximately 160 Public Health courses under different specialisations. Have a look at some of the top courses given below:

  • Master in Public Health (MPH)
  • MPH Epidemiology
  • Master of Science in Public Health (MScPH)
  • MPH in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • MPH in Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • MPH in Food Safety
  • MPH in Global Health
  • MPH in Family and Community Medicine
  • MPH in Occupational and Environmental Health
  • MPH in Health Policy and Management

Top Canadian Universities Offering MPH in 2024

UniversityQS World RankingTuition Fee per YearApplication deadline
University of Toronto21CAD 30,500 (18 Lakhs INR approx)January 19 (Fall 2024)
University of British Columbia34CAD 45,100 (27 Lakhs INR approx)December 15 2023 (Fall 2024)
McGill University30CAD 5,080 (3 Lakhs approx)August 1 (Winter 2024)
October 1 (Winter 2024)
University of Alberta111CAD 10,500 (6 Lakhs approx)February 1 (Fall 2024) and December 1 2023 (Fall 2024)
University of Ottawa203CAD 10,000 (6 Lakhs approx)February 1 (Fall 2024)
September 1 (Winter 2024)
February 1 2025 (Summer and Fall 2025)
University of Montreal114CAD 25,000 (10 Lakhs approx)February 1 (Fall 2024)
September 1 (Winter 2024)
February 1 2025 (Summer and Fall 2025)
McMaster University141CAD 49,240 or 30 Lakhs INR approx (1st Year)January 14 (Fall 2024)
The Next admission cycle for the 2025 intake will begin on September 1 2024
Calgary University182CAD 11,000 (7 Lakhs INR)March 1 (spring season)
Western University114CAD 60,000 (37 Lakhs INR)January 29 (Fall 2024)
Queenโ€™s University209CAD 27,000 (16 Lakhs INR approx)January 31 (Fall 2024)

Please note that some universities have either not released the dates of next winter and summer intakes or accept admission in MPH courses once in an academic year.ย 

Further information will be updated once the dates are released.

Scholarship Opportunities for Masters in Public Health in Canada

Canada being a student-friendly country and home to the worldโ€™s top universities assists Indian students financially so that they just need to focus on study without worrying about expenses. Here are three of the most important scholarship programs run by Canadian universities which play a significant role in fulfilling students’ dreams of having a successful academic career.

Isabel Loucks Foster Public Health Bursary

The Vancouver Foundation established this scholarship program in September 1947 and has been set up to provide bursary funding for public health post-graduate studies. It covers public health courses in all Canadian universities and provides bursaries of up to CAD 5000 (3 Lakhs INR) per year. The funds are released to successful candidates on the recommendation of the Health Officers Council.

McCall and McBrain Scholarship

The McCall and McBrain Scholarship Program run by McGill University provides full tuition and fees coverage and a stipend of 2,000 CAD per month to 20 innovators and community builders around the globe seeking admission to full-time master’s or professional studies.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Students in graduate studies at the masterโ€™s and doctoral levels can apply for a merit-based scholarship through the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program. Awards are available to graduate students for all disciplines of academic study.

The award money worth CAD 10,000-15,000 is given to students based on merit for two years. Those who pursue MPH courses from the University of Toronto, the University of McMaster and Western University are eligible to apply.

Career After Masters in Public Health in Canada

After completing the degree program of Master in Public Health, you will get ample opportunities from government, private and organisational establishments such as hospitals, health care centres, clinics, and NGOs etc. to work in the field of Public Health.

This career domain will give you immense satisfaction when you start working for the society and community to improve their quality of life. You will also get the benefit of a work visa and PR status after finishing your course. Overall, the decision to pursue an MPH degree program in Canada will give you tremendous career growth later in life.

Following is the list of potential job posts you will acquire after finishing your postgraduation in the Public Health program in Canada.

  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Healthcare Advisor
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Health and Safety Engineer
  • Epidemiologist
  • Biostatistician
  • Healthcare Manager
  • Healthcare Supervisor
  • Public Health Educator
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Policy Analyst
  • Project Coordinator

The average salary after completing the Master in Public Health which you will be paid is around CAD 65,000-80,000 per year.


If you are interested in making your career in the healthcare profession then pursuing a Master in Public Health (MPH) from Canada will provide you with significant career growth opportunities along with a sense of responsibility toward the community.

The world needs specialised healthcare professionals to lead the team which formulates and implements the policies related to the medical field. There is immense scope in underdeveloped regions such as villages and smaller towns where people lack access to basic healthcare services.

Meeting their needs and achieving success through actions should be the primary focus of medical professionals.


What expertise I will get after completing the Master in Public Health in Canada?

Beside the role of treating and curing the diseased patients, you will get opportunity to play an important role in making, analyzing and implementing the healthcare policies for communities. It will help you to act as an administrator to oversee and develop the health models necessary for peoples.

Is GRE necessary to pursue Master in Public Health in Canada?

Although GRE is not required to get admission in MPH program in Canada but having the score of GRE of 160+ will be helpful for those who do not have significant quantitative skills.

What is the difference between MPH and MHA?

MHA or Master in Hospital Administration focus on business contexts of healthcare industry whereas MPH or Master in Public Health focus on clinical and healthcare administration of the society.

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