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Masters in Business Analytics

Masters in Business Analytics in USA

Those looking for a dynamic, cutting-edge education in the field of data analytics have a compelling chance to pursue a Master of Business Analytics (MSBA) in the United States.

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Why study Business Analytics?

In the United States, a graduate-level degree called the Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA) equips students with the abilities and know-how required to evaluate and comprehend large, complicated data sets in a business setting. 

Predictive modeling, data mining, statistical analysis, and other analytical methods are used in business analytics to support organizational decision-making processes and extract insights.

Key features of MSBA in USA

  1. Duration: Typically 12-24 months
  2. Entry Level: Suitable for recent graduates with a background in business, statistics, or related fields.
  3. Curriculum: Focuses on advanced analytics, statistical modelling, machine learning, and business applications.
  4. Work Experience: Programs accept applicants with limited work experience, making it suitable for early-career professionals.
  5. Career Focus: Roles such as data analyst, business analyst, data scientist, or analytics manager in diverse industries.
  6. Post-Study Work: Including Optional Practical Training (OPT) for international students in the USA.

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Top Universities for MSBA in USA

  1. MIT Sloan School of Management
  2. University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) – Haas School of Business
  3. University of Chicago – Booth School of Business
  4. Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business
  5. New York University (NYU)
  6. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  7. University of Texas at Austin 
  8. Kelley School of Business
  9. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
  10. University of Southern California (USC) – Marshall School of Business

MSBA: USA vs Europe vs UK

Program DurationTypically 1 to 2 yearsTypically 1 to 2 yearsUsually 1 year
CurriculumEmphasis on a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on practical application and case studies.Diverse programs with a strong emphasis on analytics and often a more global perspective.A mix of theory and practical application with a global perspective.
Industry ConnectionsStrong ties with major tech and business hubs like Silicon Valley.Growing connections with various industries, depending on the country.Strong connections with London's financial and business sector.
Job OpportunitiesAbundant opportunities due to the presence of leading tech companies and diverse industries.Increasing opportunities, especially in tech hubs like Berlin and Amsterdam.Good opportunities in diverse industries, with a focus on finance and technology in London.
Cost of LivingVaried, depending on the city, but generally higher compared to some European countries.Varies significantly across countries, with some European countries having a more affordable cost of living.Relatively high, especially in London, but program durations are shorter.

Careers after MSBA in USA

Here are some career paths after obtaining an MSBA in the USA:

1. Data Analyst:

Data analysts are responsible for gathering, processing, and evaluating data to support decision-making within businesses.

2. Business Intelligence Analyst:

Concentrates on deciphering intricate data sets in order to spot patterns, produce visual aids, and offer suggestions for tactical planning.

3. Data Engineer:

Data engineers create, build, test, and manage large-scale processing systems and database architectures for the generation and analysis of data.

4. Machine Learning Engineer:

The role of a machine learning engineer is to create and apply machine learning models and algorithms to improve organizational decision-making.


The MSBA program at certain US colleges does not require GRE or GMAT scores from applicants. These schools’ admissions requirements usually center on a comprehensive assessment, taking into account elements including a candidate’s educational history, relevant professional experience, letters of recommendation, and statement of purpose. 

The objective is to draw in a broad group of applicants with excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Prospective students who wish to pursue an MSBA without having to take the GRE or GMAT should carefully read over each program’s entrance requirements and make sure they fulfill any additional requirements. 

The assessment standards have been made more flexible in order to accommodate applicants’ diverse backgrounds and strengths in the field of business analytics.

Why pursue MSBA from the USA?

The US is a global center for innovation, technology, and business, offering MSBA students a unique environment in which to interact with top professionals, business professionals, and cutting-edge technologies. 

Top American institutions’ curriculum are frequently created to offer a well-rounded education by fusing academic knowledge with useful, real-world applications. 

Furthermore, the USA’s diverse range of industries—from e-commerce and technology to healthcare and finance—guarantees a broad range of employment options for MSBA graduates.

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