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Manchester MiM deadlines

The University of Manchester MiM Deadlines 2023-24

The University of Manchester provides a famous MSc Management program at the forefront of business education. The university is known for its brilliance and illustrious academic history.

This curriculum thoroughly explains contemporary management methods and tactics using cutting-edge academic theory with real-world implementation.

The University of Manchester equips its students to succeed in the dynamic and internationalized business world by committing to developing future leaders and promoting innovation.

The Masters in Management program gives students the knowledge, abilities, and mindset to manage teams successfully, make well-informed decisions, and positively impact the ever-changing business and management landscape.

Theย blog will provide you with Manchesterย MiM deadlines.

Application dates for class of 2024-26

Manchester MiM deadlines for the class of 2024-26 are:

Round 120 October 202315 December 2023
Round 215 December 202316 February 2024
Round 323 Feb 202412 April 2024
Round 4Not available - removed due to high application numbers.

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