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LBS MiM deadlines

London Business School MiM Deadlines 2023-24

A Master’s in Management (MiM) program at the London Business School is important in developing strategic and leadership abilities in the fast-paced corporate world.

The LBS MiM program blends theoretical knowledge with real-world application and is known worldwide for its academic quality and significant contributions to the corporate world.

With a strong foundation in management concepts, a global outlook, and the capacity to innovate and adapt in a business environment that is always changing, this curriculum aims to prepare future business leaders.

The blog will provide you with LBS MiM deadlines

Application dates for class of 2024-26

LBS MiM deadlines for the Class of 2024-2026 are:

Round 125 Sept 202326 Oct 202328 Nov 2023
Round 214 Dec 20231 Feb 202414 Mar 2024
Round 311 Mar 20244 Apr 20249 May 2024
Round 42 May 202430 May 202427 Jun 2024

Submit applications by 23:59 UK time on the day of chosen deadline.

The LBS MiM program provides students with the skills and insights required to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, making significant contributions to the future of management and leadership through a cutting-edge curriculum, a diverse student body, and access to a sizable alumni network.

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