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Kellogg MiM Deadlines

Northwestern Kellogg School of Management MiM Deadlines 2023-24

Master’s in Management (MiM) degree is offered by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. It was created for prospective corporate executives seeking a solid foundation for management techniques. 

This curriculum is designed to give students the fundamental information, analytical skills, and strategic mentality necessary to negotiate the dynamic and cutthroat global business environment successfully. 

This empowers them to have a significant impact on the corporate world. In this introduction, we shall go into the salient features and advantages of the Northwestern Kellogg Master of Management program.

The blog will provide you with Kellogg MiM deadlines

Application dates for class of 2024-26

Kellogg MiM deadlines for the Class of 2024-2026 are:

Round 130 Oct 2023
Round 216 Jan 2024
Round 322 Apr 2024

Kellogg’s MiM curriculum equips students for successful careers in several industries and roles while fostering innovation, cooperation, and ethical leadership.

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