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Jobs in UK for Indians:

Jobs in UK for Indians: Career & Salary in 2024

Millions of international students including Indians fly to UK to study and develop their careers every year. Since the UK offers an exploration of a variety of disciplines, it is not very difficult to cultivate a plan to have dream jobs in UK for Indians.

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Why Work in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is a country having rich cultural diversity, modern infrastructure, a booming economy and a high-class education system. The employment rate in the UK is around 76% and currently more than 35 million individual people are included in the workforce.

Every year, millions of international students including Indians fly to UK to study and develop their careers. With real-time learning and interactive methodology of the study, universities based in the UK groom students to have better career options after study.

The degree earned by an Indian student possesses value among the employers in the world. Have a look at the below article to learn more about the jobs in UK for Indians including average salary, work permit and more.

Highest Paying Jobs in UK for Indians: Top Streams and Average Salary in 2024

StreamsJob PostsAverage Salary Per Year
ScienceLab Technician
Research Assistant
Research Specialist
Research Consultant

£30,000-50,000 (30-50 Lakhs INR per year)
EngineeringProject Manager
Mining Engineer
Civil Consultant
Network Architect
Chemical Engineer
£85,000-90,000 (85-90 Lakhs INR per year)
Business ManagementAccountant,
Financial Manager
Sales Representative
Business Manager
£50,000-70,000 (50-70 Lakhs INR per year)
LawLegal Secretary
Legal Cashier
Judicial Assistant
£90,000-1,00,000 (90 Lakhs-1 Crore INR per year)
Healthcare Administrator
£90,000-95,00,000 (90-95 Lakhs INR per year)
Allied Health SciencesPharmacist
Veterinary Doctor
Lab Technician
£55,000-70,000 (55-70 Lakhs INR per year)
Computer ScienceData Analyst
Software Developer
Cyber Assistant
AI Expert
£80,000-90,000 (80-90 Lakhs INR per year)
Creative Arts and DesigningWriter,
Fashion Designer Journalist
£50,000-70,000 (50-70 Lakhs INR per year)
Academic Expert
Subject Matter Expert
£45,000-60,000 (45-60 Lakhs INR per year)
Job PostJob PostsDescriptionAverage Salary Per Year

Cloud ArchitectBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science or Information SystemThe cloud architect is a person who has the expertise and skills to design cloud solutions that meet and surpass the organization's needs.£80,000 (80 Lakhs INR per year)
Blockchain DeveloperBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science or Information SystemThey are responsible for developing and managing decentralized applications (DApps) and creating new blockchain platforms.£60,000 (60 Lakhs INR per year)
Product ManagerBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Marketing, Finance or Business AdministrationThe Product Manager is responsible for creating a vision and strategy of promoting the product in the market£75,000 (75 Lakhs INR per year)
Full Stack DeveloperBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science or Information SystemThey are responsible for designing and developing websites£50,000 (50 Lakhs INR per year)
Chief Financial OfficerBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Marketing, Finance, Economics or Business AdministrationThe CFO is responsible for managing the financial sides of the business£1,25,000 (1 Crore INR per year)
PaediatricianMaster’s in Medicine (Pediatrics)The responsibility of a paediatrician is to medically care for and treat newborn and young adolescent peoples£90,000 (90 Lakhs INR per year)
IT DirectorBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science or Information SystemIT Director is responsible for maintaining the IT infrastructure of the company£80,000 (80 Lakhs INR per year)
LawyerBachelor's degree in Legislative LawThey represent people in the court of law to safeguard their interests and rights£60,000 (60 Lakhs INR per year)
DoctorBachelor's degree in Medicine and SurgeryDoctors treat and cure diseased people, counsel their patients physically and mentally£95,000 (95 Lakhs INR per year)
Marketing DirectorMBAThe Marketing Director is responsible for creating and implementing the marketing strategy£70,000 (70 Lakhs INR per year)
Data ScientistBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer science/Data ScienceThey are responsible for collecting and gathering the data to interpret their results£55,000 (55 Lakhs INR per year)
Software DeveloperBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer ScienceSoftware developers develop and maintain software£40,000 (40 Lakhs INR per year)
Business AnalystBachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, AccountingThey are responsible for analysing the latest trends in business and give expert opinions£30,000 (30 Lakhs INR per year)
Artificial Intelligence OfficerBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer ScienceAI Officer is responsible for designing, developing, testing and deploying the AI System£55,000 (55 Lakhs INR per year)

Distribution of Average Salary in the UK

The average salary in the UK generally depends upon the level of education, work experience, region and type of company, skills acquired etc.

Education Level Wise

Education LevelAverage Salary Per Year
Diploma£25,000 (25 Lakhs INR per year)
Undergraduation£35,000 (35 Lakhs INR per year)
Postgraduation£42,000 (42 Lakhs INR per year)

Region Wise

RegionAverage Salary Per Year
London£57,000 (57 Lakhs INR per Year)
England£30,500 (30 Lakhs INR per year)
Scotland£26,000 (26 Lakhs INR per year)
Wales£22,100 (22 Lakhs INR per year)

Post-Study Work Visa for Indian Students

This type of Visa is granted to International students after the completion of their studies so that they can explore jobs in the UK. Often known as the UK Graduate Visa which is the transition from a general student visa (Tier-4 Visa) to a work visa after completing an academic course. It is tailored for students offered a place in a course at a UK educational institution.

We have provided below details of the Graduate Visa including key features, eligibility, application process and fee, latest updates etc.

Key Features of UK Graduate Visa 

UK Graduate Visa provides flexibility to all international students to stay back in the UK for an additional 2 years for undergraduate and postgraduate students and 3 years for PhD scholars after completing their degree programs at any level, course and university within the UK.

Within the stipulated time frame, students can hunt and commence their jobs or develop skills through internships and certification programs.

Once you have found suitable employment in the UK, you can opt for a skilled work route after your graduate visa comes to an end.

Eligibility Criteria

  • International students must have studied in the UK
  • They must carry a student Visa (Tier-4 Visa)
  • Must have completed their undergraduate, postgraduation or PhD programs
  • Students should provide evidence of scholarship funding either sponsored by government or private establishments

Application Process

Application for a UK Graduate Route Visa should be submitted to the online portal of the Government of UK before the expiry of the Student Visa.

Application Requirements

  • Passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)
  • CAS Reference number
  • Letter from your scholarship or sponsorship provider approving your application, if they paid for both your course fees and living costs in the last 12 months

Application Fee

  • Pay the application fee of £822
  • Healthcare surcharge – this is usually £2,218 for two years and £3,192 for the three-year pathway (as updated by the Government of UK in October 2023)

Latest Update: 1st January 2024

Starting from 1st January 2024, international students staying on Tier-4 Visa will have no option to bring their dependents (wife, civil partner, children) with them into the UK.


To sum up, UK is one of the preferred destinations both for students and work professionals as they get ample opportunities not only in various educational programs, skill certifications and industrial training but also in seeking permanent employment with a good salary package.There are abundant jobs in the UK for Indians who want to have a lavish and vibrant lifestyle. The UK Government provide opportunities to international students where they can explore employment opportunities and skill development training after study.


Can I work in UK on part time basis?

Yes, a degree program student can work in UK on the part time basis for upto 20 hours per week and full time basis in vacations or break. Different universities have different norms so it is advisable to have consultation with the concerned authority.

Where can I work on part time basis in UK?

In UK, you can work in library, warehouse, restaurant etc to earn ample money to cut your costs of expenses.

What to do if i don't get a job opportunity after the expiry of the UK Graduate Visa?

You can apply for a UK General Visa if you don't get a job opportunity after the expiry of the Graduate Visa.

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