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Jobs in Italy for Indian Students

Jobs in Italy for Indian Students 2024-25

In recent years, Italy has become the 9th largest economy in the world. The service sector holds 70% of the country’s GDP, whereas manufacturing sectors cover the remaining 39%. Every year, this scenario creates abundant jobs in Italy for Indian students.

Through internships, part-time jobs, and full-time employment, European companies significantly contribute to the provision of vibrant and varied professional opportunities for students.

Why Work in Italy?

Italy, situated in southern Europe, is one of the world’s most vibrant and finest countries. It is the tenth-largest country on the European continent.

The multicultural and rhythmic environment of the country attracts around 5,000–7,000 Indian students every year. This is due to the country’s prestigious, well-regarded universities, which provide excellent education at reasonable prices.

Through internships, part-time jobs, and full-time employment, European companies significantly contribute to the provision of vibrant and varied professional opportunities for students.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why pursuing work in Italy after higher studies is beneficial for Indian students.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Italy’s flourishing and stable economy has opened the doors for international students, including Indians, in various sectors like finance, technology, hospitality, fashion, food, etc. in recent years. Italy is the 9th largest economy in the world, and approx. The service sector holds 70% of the country’s GDP, whereas manufacturing sectors cover the remaining 39%. Every year, this scenario creates abundant jobs in Italy for Indian students.

Presence of World Heritage Sites

There are approximately 59 world heritage sites present in different parts of Italy, which continues to attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. This also applies to Indian students looking to pursue careers in history or archaeological sciences because heritage sites provide practical knowledge of the historical and cultural significance of monuments and museums. This is one of the significant reasons to pursue jobs in Italy for Indian students.

Visa Free Entry 

Yes, you have heard it right! As a part of the European Union and Schengen area, Italy provides visa-free access to other parts of Europe to Indian working professionals who desire to spend quality time with family and friends in countries like the UK, Netherlands, France, etc. on weekends. Travelling from Italy to the rest of Europe and back is now a matter of convenience for those who are looking to work in Italy.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is the process of creating connections with like-minded people. It not only helps to improve communication skills, but it also prepares students for stronger academic and professional careers. 

Italian universities often provide the chance for their students to get together with industrial and service sector professionals coming from all over the world who share their stories as inspirational messages to students, which often attracts them to take risks and build dreams for a better future.

Top Jobs in Italy for Indian Students in 2024

We’ve listed the top jobs for Indian students in Italy below. Here, we have included the trending sectors that are providing the highest-paying jobs in Italy, along with their respective average salaries.

Top JobsAverage Salary (Per Year)
Agriculture€18,000-40,000 (₹16 Lakhs-36 Lakhs)
Automotive€32,700-45,000 (₹28 Lakhs-40 Lakhs)
Business & Finance€65,000-122,000 (₹58 Lakhs-1 Crore)
Engineering & Technology€199,000-215,000 (₹9 Crore-19 Crore)
Fashion€55,000-75,000 (₹50 Lakhs-67 Lakhs)
Hospitality€30,000-75,000 (₹26 Lakhs-67 Lakhs)
Manufacturing€25,000-40,000 (₹22 Lakhs-36 Lakhs)
Retail Sector€40,000-60,000 (₹36 Lakhs-54 Lakhs )
Tourism€27,000-50,000 (₹24 Lakhs-45 Lakhs)

Highest Paying Jobs in Italy for Indian Students 2024

For Indian students, there are plenty of opportunities to work in Italy after the conclusion of their degree courses. Below, we have tabulated some of the highest-paying jobs, along with related academic programs and average salaries.

Job TitleRelated Academic ProgramAverage Salary (Per Year)
Bank ManagerLM in Economics & Management€156,000-200,000 (14 Crore- 18 Crore)
Marketing DirectorMaster’s of Business Administration (MBA)€91,000-120,000 (82 Lakhs- 1 Crore)
SurgeonLM in Medicine & Surgery€175,000-200,000 (1 Crore-18 Crore)
Mechanical EngineerLM in Mechanical Engineering€45,000-60,000 (40 Lakhs- 54 Lakhs)
Project ManagerLM in Business Administration & Management€52,000-70,000 (47 Lakhs- 63 Lakhs)
Software DeveloperLM in Telecommunication Engineering€50,000-61,000 (45 Lakhs- 54 Lakhs)
LawyersLM in Law€36,000-101,000 (₹32 Lakhs-₹91 Lakhs)
Financial AnalystLM in Economics & Business€36,000-50,000 (₹32 Lakhs-₹45 Lakhs)
ReceptionistLM in Tourism Economics & Management€20,000-45,000 (₹18 Lakhs-₹40 Lakhs)
Graphic DesignerLM in Advanced Design€30,000-55,000 (₹26 Lakhs-₹49 Lakhs)

Part-Time Jobs in Italy for Indian Students 2024

If you think that finding jobs in Italy for Indian students is only possible when they have completed their studies, then you are wrong! International students are allowed to do part-time jobs in Italy while pursuing their degree courses. It gives them some financial strength in managing their costs of living. Also, they get a chance to improve their interpersonal skills. Below, we have listed the best part-time jobs in Italy for Indian students.

Job TitlesRemuneration (per hour)
Translator€15-20 (₹1300-₹1800)
Receptionist€14-15 (₹1200-₹1300)
Student Guide€15-18 (₹1300-₹1600)
Travel Guide€20-25 (₹1800-₹2500)
Cashier€5-7 (₹450-₹600)
Package Handler€2-7 (₹180-₹650)
Clerk€5-10 (₹450-₹900)
Delivery Boy€10-15 (₹900-1300)
Librarian€15-19 (₹1300-₹1700)

Seasonal Jobs in Italy for Indian Students

A seasonal job is a temporary role created to address a specific requirement typically associated with a certain time of year. Employers hire seasonal employees to cover particular needs that are anticipated to disappear after a few weeks or months. Usually, the schedule is laid out at the outset so that workers are not taken aback when the work is completed.

The majority of trades in hotels and restaurants, couriers and travel agency agents, a range of positions in ski resorts, sports instructors, work in pubs and clubs, gathering fruit and grapes, and several occupations in the construction sector are examples of seasonal jobs in Italy.

The remuneration can be varied from €15-20 depending on the location, employer, and industry.

Average Salary in Italian Cities

Italy is divided into two parts: Northern Italy and Southern Italy. There is a greater probability of employment in Milan and other parts of Northern Italy for students who study in fields such as industry, marketing, fashion, IT, technology, and so forth. However, jobs in the tourism sector are concentrated in Rome, and Tuscany is well-known for its textile industry.

The following table lists a few well-known Italian cities with typical salary packages. Salary packages can vary depending on the location, employer, and industry.

CitiesAverage Salary (Per Year)

How to Get Jobs in Italy?

Indian students residing in Italy for their study programmes can check about opportunities to work in Italy on job-hunting websites, local newspapers, magazines, etc. International students are also provided guidance and assistance from the placement team of the Italian university where they are studying before they are about to leave the campus after final exams.

Their institutes occasionally arrange workshops, webinars, industrial visits, etc., where they can learn to network with like-minded people and professionals.

Various internships and part-time jobs are available for international students, which help secure the right jobs for them in the future.

Post-Study Work Visa in Italy

Indian students may apply for a Post-Study work visa in Italy if they have finished their degree program in Italy. Just they need to hold one of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Italian
  • PhD
  • First or second-level academic diploma
  • First or second-level postgraduate training
  • Higher technician diploma

If you get a residence permit for study, internship, or training, you can work part-time (up to 20 hours per week, up to 52 weeks, and a total of 1,040 hours per year). This permit can be changed into a permit for subordinate (permesso di soggiorno per lavoro subordinato) or self-employment (permesso di soggiorno per lavoro autonomo) work, which lets you do full-time work activities.

The conversion can be requested even before completing the study program or even if the applicant has not graduated in Italy.


Italy has the seventh-largest economy in the world. It has modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, and some world-class universities that offer a wide range of learning and research possibilities.

Italy is home to several world heritage sites, which give their buildings historical and physical importance. Italy is also home to many industries, from fashion and design to making cars and medicine to law where a lot of chances are available for Indian students who are looking for work.

We have all the information you need about working in Italy, whether you are a graduate student looking for part-time work or a new graduate ready to start working full-time. This guide tells you about the types of work you can do, the licenses you may need, and how to find work.


What is Italy’s basic salary?

In Italy, there is no set minimum wage. On the other hand, the average low wage in Italy is believed to be around 1,150 EUR per month. In Italy, the average monthly income is 2,500 euros.

The best-paid jobs in Italy are usually in science, technology, finance, and engineering.

Yes, but it is based on the academic background, family income, and potential of the students for outstanding academic success that will be taken into account to give them a full scholarship to study in Italy.

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