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Jobs in Canada for Indians: Career and Salary

Universities in Canada not only offer quality education but also provide skill-based training and internship opportunities which creates numerous jobs in Canada for Indians studying there so that they can aspire for the decent career options

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Why Work in Canada?

Canada is the world’s tenth most developed country having GDP of approximately US$2.117 trillion. By 2026, it is supposed to reach US$2.70 trillion. According to the report published by Statista Canada in 2023, there is an estimation of increased growth in job opportunities in Canada by 0.5% in 2024. The increase in the number of jobs in Canada by 2024 is expected to be 0.1 million.

Employed corporates are expecting an increase in the average salary in Canada of 3.6% by the 2024-25 fiscal year. Similarly, there are numerous jobs in Canada for Indians studying there seeking satisfactory career growth and lavish lifestyle.

Have a look at the below article to learn more about the jobs and salaries in Canada including work permits and more. This blog is specific for Indian students studying in Canada.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada in 2024

There are ample opportunities to engage in jobs in Canada for Indians studying there. The following table enlists the popular job titles, qualifications, descriptions, and average salaries.

Job TitleQualificationDescriptionAverage Remuneration/year
Sales ManagerMBA+5-6 years of experience in salesThere are immense opportunities in Canada for sales managers due to the presence of top-ranked companies. A high number of positions will be available during 2023-25 due to retirementsCAD 65,237 (INR 40,52,719) approximately
Network AdministratorB.Tech (Computer Science or IT)+Masters degree in a specific area of networkingAs we are heading toward an era of more sophisticated information and technology systems, there is a lot of scope for pursuing network-related fields after study as the huge demand for skilled and experienced network engineers increasingCAD 67,000 (INR 4162952) approximately
Software DeveloperB.Tech in Computer Science with coding experience (in-depth knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python or C++)Software developers write, modify, integrate, and test computer codes for communications software and data processingCAD 67,100-101,437 (depending upon experience)
Operation ManagerBachelor’s degree in a relevant field (such as engineering or management) + Knowledge of NetSuite, CenterPoint and QuickBooksThe function of the Operation Manager is to manage data collection to achieve productivity targets and deliver customer satisfactionCAD-65,800-83,100
Data AnalystB.Tech in Computer Science or Information Technology+Knowledge of statistics based language R or modules of python like NumPy, Pandas, statistics, etc.The scope of making career in data analytics in continually increasing as Internet of Things comes into picture.CAD 67,000- 81,250
IT Business AnalystMaster in Business AnalyticsData Analyst change large amount of data produce by IoT devices into information to make senseCAD 68,841-92,456
Cloud ArchitectsB.Tech in Computer Science or Information Technology + Cloud Architect Certifications like AWS, Google, IBM, Azure etc.Business giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Infosys hire professionals having expertise in statistical analysis and data visualisation to identify trends, patterns and opportunitiesCAD 110,000-137,000
SurgeonBachelor of Medicine+ MD or Doctor of Medicine and Master of SurgeryThe medical field is one of the top pursuing sectors in Canada. Surgeons are medical professionals involved in the process of surgery like neurosurgery, cardiac surgery etc.CAD 195,148-200,000 (depending upon specialisation)
Electrical or Electronic EngineerB.Tech (Electrical or Electronic Engineering)The demand for electrical and electronic engineers is growing in Canadian markets due to a boom in the technology sector.CAD 70,400-90,000
HR ManagerMBA or Masters in Management (Labour laws, Corporate Laws etc.)HR Managers are responsible for recruiting the workforce and day-to-day back-end management of the company.CAD 70,000-75,000

Average Salary in Canada in 2024

As the economy of Canada is booming, there is an significant increase in the number of jobs in Canada for Indians also occuring. The average salary in Canada generally depends upon the level of education, work experience, region or province company skills acquired etc.

1. Province Wise

The cost of living and transportation in Canada differs from state to state which impacts how much wages or remuneration you will get. The national average pay in Canada in 2024 is CAD 77025. Some provinces in Canada have an average pay more than the national average.

Below is the table enlisting the annual average salary one gets in different provinces of Canada 

ProvinceAnnual average salary
QuebecCAD 79833
AlbertaCAD 103904
British ColumbiaCAD 90264
SaskatchewanCAD 90531
ManitobaCAD 84246
OntarioCAD 93740
YukonCAD 115404
Northwest TerritoriesCAD 169830
Nova ScotiaCAD 76891

2. Experience Wise

The average salary Indian working professional gets in Canada differs concerning job profile and organisation. An increase in work experience also brings hike in remuneration one gets.

Work ExperiencePercent Salary hike
2-5 Years32%
5-10 Years38%
10-15 Years23%
15-20 Years15%
20+ Years10%

3. Education level wise

Education LevelPercent Salary hike
Bachelor’s Degree25%
Master’s Degree30%
PhD holders25%

How to Get a Job in Canada?

There are ample opportunities to seek a job in Canada for  Indians. An Indian student who wants to pursue some educational program in Canada can approach their universities to seek internship programs and seminars which will help them in developing the skills and techniques required for the particular job profile. Generally during the whole academic duration, you should focus on gaining in-depth knowledge about the pursued area of the course and strengthening your portfolio. 

International students who have a study permit can work off-campus and do not require a work permit. This indicates that one can work for any employer regardless of location. You need to apply for a student permit, demonstrating your funding needs. The student permit will highlight the employment terms and conditions, stating that individuals can work up to 24 hours per week. 

Part-time work not only helps students meet their financial needs but also leads them to top employers who are willing to hire potential students after their studies.

Criteria for Getting a Work Permit in Canada

To get a work permit in Canada, an international student must fulfil the following criteria:

  • They must attain a minimum age of 18 years
  • An international student must study a full-time course, at least for 8 months.
  • They must fulfil the necessary visa requirements as per the origin country
  • Educational qualification certificates.
  • Proof of professional qualifications, including work experience.
  • TOEFL or IELTS exam scores
  • An international student should not be involved in any criminal cases.
  • Students should be healthy. They might be needed to present their medical proof
  • A student should submit his/her proof of funds to support their stay.
  • Students should apply for renewal of work permit after its expiry within a stipulated time frame.

Future Scopes of Jobs in Canada for Indians

1. Energy Sector

Canada is one of the leading countries of the world engaging actively in the conservation and sustainability of energy arising from natural resources to reduce carbon emissions. This requires the opening of job posts like engineers, technicians and project managers.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With the increased use of AI in everyday life makes our lives interesting and easy. To make AI tools more sophisticated there will be a surge in the demand for AI developers, data scientists, and machine learning programmers in upcoming years.

3. Healthcare

After the COVID-19 era, the world is appreciating the role of healthcare professionals in saving lives. This has shown how important it is to have public health and epidemiology experts. It also shows how important these jobs will be in the future.


Canada being a student-friendly country and home to the world’s top-class Universities welcomes Indian students seeking for high-paying jobs and a lavish lifestyle. One only needs to develop and cultivate their skills and techniques in the area of interest so that they can grow their career beyond their expectations. 

Universities located in Canada not only offer quality education but also provide skill-based training and internship opportunities to Indian students so that they can fulfil their aspirations without any worry.


How much salary is considered high in Canada?

It depends upon the type of job you are pursuing and the regions in which you are living because living expenses include the cost of expenditure on lifestyle and transportation. In general, any salary which starts at CAD 65,000 per year is considered good in Canada.

What is income splitting in Canada?

Income splitting is a tax saving strategy that allows tax payers to splits the part of their income among the family members.

How is salary paid in Canada?

Salary in Canada is usually paid on monthly and semi-monthly basis. Some employers also give salary on weekly basis.

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