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job opportunities in france

Jobs & Salaries in France for Indian Students

In recent years, lakhs of Indian students have migrated to European countries for better job opportunities, better salaries, high standards of living & secured livelihoods. All these pull factors have contributed significantly to making France one of the best student-friendly destinations in Europe. The job opportunities in France help strengthen their network & provide wide exposure.

Through our blog, we have analysed the average salaries offered in various roles, the permanent residency process & documents required by Indian students, job opportunities in France, salaries, roles, global recruiters, etc. 

Post-Study Opportunities for Indian Students

France is a perfect destination for Indian students looking for high-paying jobs, the best salaries & high career development opportunities. Every year, more than 3 lakh students choose France as their dream country, which includes 10,000 Indian students. With some of the best universities like Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Sorbonne University, Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres), etc, France becomes one of the best locations for Indian students who are planning to pursue their studies in finance, management, business, international affairs, etc. These institutes not only provide knowledge but also work for the holistic development of the students.

The exclusive research methodologies adopted by the institutes make the students ready for the competitive world. These top institutes in France provide platforms for students to get the best career opportunities, pursue research & land the best jobs. All these factors make France one of the most student-friendly countries in Europe. 

 Advantages of Working in France

  • Top Recruiters: France is one of the best locations for top recruiters like Aizen Recruitment, Zero to One Search, Adecco, Sintegra Consulting, etc. These companies provide diverse roles in the fields of finance, accounting, business, management, etc. 
  • High-paying Jobs: Job opportunities in France not only provide diverse fields of work but also allow students to get their dream packages. This enhances their living standards & provides career satisfaction. 
  • Strengthening Professional Network: Job opportunities in France allow students to enrich their networks and connect with working professionals. They help provide exposure, strengthen potential, and help them learn and grow. 

Attractive Opportunities in France

French institutes provide global outreach to Indian students. This not only helps in finding job opportunities but also connects them with some of the best organisations, companies, etc. Top recruiters in France include Hiretop, Avomind, Adecco, GenSearch, etc. The salary & career exposure allow students to explore & learn better. The professional growth witnessed by students has become the determining factor for choosing France over other countries. Some of the best-paying jobs in France include lawyers, software developers, consultants, researchers, etc. The table listed below provides a detailed list of roles & salaries offered in various fields. 

RolesFieldSalary per annum
LawyerLaw & Politics€150,000 (1,34,37,300 INR)
ResearcherHumanities & Social Science€71,000 (63,60,322 INR)
Software EngineerComputer & AI€69,000 (61,81,158 INR)
ConsultantsBusiness & Management€75,000 (67,18,650 INR)
ManagerBusiness & Management€85,000 (76,14,470 INR)

Average Salary in France

Job opportunities in France are not limited to a few roles but allow students to explore multiple careers and fields of study. The presence of global companies provides professional platforms to the students & allows them to gain experience, and ensures growth. This improves the standards of living and provides better salaries. The average salary of working professionals ranges from €45,000 to €150,000. The average salary provided for various roles makes France one of the most student-friendly locations in the world. Here, we have provided a tabular representation of the fields & the salaries offered for various roles. 

FieldsAverage Salary per annum
Computer Science & AI€67,000 (INR 60,01,994)
Law & Politics€94,000 (INR 84,20,708)
Business & Management€72,000 (INR 64,49,904)
Medicine & Health Science€74,000 (INR 66,29,068)
Humanities & Social Science€71,000 (INR 63,60,322)

Segmentation of Average Salary by Education Level

The job opportunities in France offer high salaries and employment opportunities. However, various factors contribute significantly to the opportunities available to students. One such factor is the educational level. It plays a crucial role in offering jobs to students. The salary received after the completion of a bachelor’s degree ranges from €42,000 to €45,000 After post-graduation, students receive a salary of €48,000- €50,000 per annum. 

Educational DegreeAverage Salary (per annum)
Bachelor’s Degree€42,000 (INR 37,60,932)
Master’s Degree€48,900 (INR 43,78,799)
PhD Degree (Research Scientist)€47,000 (INR 42,08,662)

Segmentation of Average Salary by Age

In recent years, France has become a hub of international students. The top companies in France provide global platforms for working professionals. However, another important factor that matters in grabbing the best package is age and experience.

Age GroupAverage Salary (per annum)
Under 25€31560 (28,26,071 INR)
25-35€42348 (37,92,094 INR)
35-45€47736 (42,74,567 INR)
45-55€45,900 (41,10,161 INR)

How to Get Jobs in France?

France has become one of the student-friendly locations by providing attractive job opportunities to young graduates. Apart from that, the work-life balance allows individuals to explore, learn, and develop. But one important question that students raise is how to find a suitable job in France. 

Well, we are here to guide you. Here are some tips to help you land your dream job with ease & smoothness. For Indians, finding employment in France is not tiring work if they are already studying in France.

  • Universities & Colleges: French universities and colleges offer internships and placement fairs to students, which guide them to international opportunities. This allows the students to showcase their potential and find part-time jobs, placements, etc., in foreign countries. 
  • Agencies: Many recruitment agencies work around the clock to provide part-time jobs and placement opportunities and help students find the best job opportunities available in France. 

But before moving ahead, students should focus on strengthening their resume & portfolio to secure their dream jobs. 

Post-Study Work Permit in France

Students studying in France can extend their stay in the country after the completion of their course. If the student already has a paid opportunity, they can seek permanent residence. A non-European student can apply for an APS or Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour, which is a temporary residency permit given after graduation. The residence permit is provided for a maximum duration of 2 years. However, if it is granted for 1 year, then students can renew their residence permit for another year, for a total maximum of 2 years. Another way of staying in France is through a Blue Card. However, to apply for a Blue Card, students need to fulfil some additional requirements.

Document Checklist for PR in France

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources
  • Passport photographs
  • Afflicted to medical insurance
  • Employment Contract
  • Residence Proof
  • Copies of Passport


France is one of the best countries for international students. It not only helps in providing job opportunities to the students but is also one of the dream countries for international students. The work experience, diverse opportunities, global platforms, and exposure allow career growth and help them learn better. All these factors contribute significantly to making France one of the student-friendly destinations in Europe. 


What are the high-paying jobs in France?

The high-paying jobs in France include researcher, software developer, business analyst, lawyer, etc. These are some of the high-paying job opportunities in France.

Yes, it is possible to get permanent residency in France. There are certain requirements that students need to meet to get a PR.

Students need to apply for APS, which is a temporary residency permit in France that allows students to continue their stay in France after their studies. Students who already have a paid job can apply for a Blue card to extend their stay in France.

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