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Intakes in Australia

Intakes in Australia: Universities, Courses & More

Australia has become a popular choice for international students looking for a top-notch education and life-changing experiences because of its breathtaking landscapes, exciting cities, and world-class education.ย 

While deciding to study in Australia is unquestionably exciting, it also requires important planning, such as picking the best intake for your academic path.

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What are the different Intakes in Australia?

  • In Australia, universities and institutions typically offer three intakes for international students: the February/March intake (the first semester or Semester 1, the July intake (the second semester or Semester 2), and the November intake (the third semester or Semester 3).

Here’s an overview of these intakes:

1. February/March Intake (Semester 1)

  • Start Date: This intake begins in late February or early March, varying slightly from one institution to another.
  • Application Period: Application deadlines for the February/March intake generally fall between August and November of the previous year. It’s crucial to check the specific application deadline for each institution and program.


  • Main intake for most undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • It aligns with the start of the academic year in Australia, allowing you to complete a full year of study without interruption.
  • There are typically more program choices and available courses during this intake.
  • Many scholarships and financial aid opportunities are offered for Semester 1.

2. July Intake (Semester 2)

  • Start Date: The July intake usually begins in late July.
  • Application Period: Application deadlines for the July intake are typically from April to June of the same year.


  • Intake is ideal for students who may have missed the Semester 1 deadline or are looking for a mid-year start.
  • It can provide flexibility for students who want to align their studies with the calendar year in their home countries.
  • While fewer course options may exist compared to the February intake, many popular programs are still available.

3. November Intake (Semester 3)

  • Start Date: This semester typically begins by November mid.
  • Application Period: Application deadlines for November intake usually start from late September to October.ย 


  • The November intake is outside the norm, there are often fewer candidates. This means there will be less competition for your desired course or school.
  • Students who missed the February/March intake or need more preparation time have a great alternative in the November intake. It enables you to coordinate your academic path with your schedule.
  • Because so many universities offer a wide variety of postgraduate programs during this intake, the November intake is especially well-suited for postgraduate students.
  • Even if the November intake does not correspond to the standard Australian academic year, you can still finish a full year of study without major setbacks.

It’s important to note that some institutions in Australia may offer additional, smaller intakes throughout the year for specific programs or courses. These intakes are often referred to as trimesters or sessions and may vary from institution to institution.

Top Universities to Apply for Australia

Here is the list of the top 8 QS ranking universities that you can apply to in 2024 and enhance your skills.

Choose from 3 different Intakes according to your requirements.

February Intake (Sem 1) & July Intake (Sem 2)

  1. The University of Sydney
  2. University of Melbourne
  3. UNSW Sydney
  4. The University of Queensland
  5. Australian National University
  6. The University of Adelaide
  7. Monash University
  8. The University of Western Australia

November Intake (Sem 3)

  1. RMIT
  2. La Trobe University
  3. Central Queensland University
  4. University of Canberra
  5. University of Tasmania
  6. Monash University
  7. University of Southern Queensland
  8. University of New England

Top Courses to Apply

The university list and courses you could choose from according to your preferences:ย 

Feb/March Intake & July Intake

FinanceThe University of Sydney
MarketingThe University of New South Wales
Computer ScienceAustralian National University
ManagementRMIT University
Data ScienceMonash University

November Intake

FinanceMonash Business School
MarketingVictoria University
Computer ScienceUniversity of Sydney
ManagementUniversity of Newcastle
Data ScienceUniversity of Technology Sydney

Which Intake is Perfect for you?

The intake choice in Australia depends on your circumstances, academic goals, and personal preferences.ย 

Here are some factors to consider when determining which intake is right for you:

  1. Academic Goals and Program Availability:

    Some programs may only offer admission during specific intakes. Research your desired program and university to find out when they accept applications.
  2. Timeline:

    Consider your timeline. Are you ready to start your studies immediately, or do you need more time for preparation, such as improving your English language skills or securing finances?
  3. Visa Processing Time:

    Remember the time it takes to process a student visa for Australia. Apply well in advance to ensure you have your visa before your program start date.
  4. Scholarships and Financial Aid:

    Some scholarships and financial aid opportunities may have specific application deadlines tied to certain intakes. Research funding options and apply accordingly.
  5. Competitiveness:

    Consider the level of competition for admission during different intakes. If you’re applying for a highly competitive program or university, you might want to choose an intake with less competition.
  6. Personal Commitments:

    Evaluate any personal commitments or obligations you have. For example, if you have a job or family responsibilities, you may need to choose an intake that aligns with your existing commitments.
  7. Orientation and Support:

    Consider universities’ support services during different intakes. Some universities provide more comprehensive orientation and support programs during their main intakes.


When deciding on an intake, consider your academic goals, program availability, visa requirements, and personal preferences. Be sure to check the specific application deadlines and admission requirements for your chosen university or institution and program, as they vary.ย 

Finally, choosing the appropriate intake for your academic adventure in Australia is an important choice that should align with your needs and objectives. There are benefits and things to consider whether you choose the popular February/March intake, the mid-year July intake, or the less well-known November intake.

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