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Cost of Living in Finland

Cost of Living in Finland

Managing the living expenses in countries like Finland can be difficult for international students, especially if they are visiting the country for the first time.

It is a little bit confusing to arrange and maintain the required funds to sustain outside the country due to the differences between the social and cultures of the two nations.

This blog will help Indian students to know more about the cost of living in Finland, including average monthly expenses in various cities along with affordable cities, as well as tips to cut unnecessary costs.

Overview of Cost of Living in Finland

Living expenses, or the cost of living, are the finances required to sustain and maintain minimum living standards. These generally include house rent, food bills, transportation charges, utility bills like electricity, gas, phone bills, laundry, etc.ย 

Finland is one of the favourite study destinations for Indian students due to its high quality of life and peaceful atmosphere, which creates attractive charm for them.

Here, we have briefly discussed the living expenses in Finland, including average expenses and the cost of essential services such as accommodation, meals, transportation, utility services, health insurance, etc., and more.

Average Living Expenses in Finland

Living expenses or cost of living are defined as the minimum financial resources needed to manage and maintain a lifestyle in any city or country. The average Living expenses in Finland should be estimated before departing for the country, right after receiving the acceptance letter from the Finnish university.

A monthly budget of between 700-900 Euros or INR 63,000-95,000 is required to maintain living standards in Finland. Apart from these costs, tuition fees for pursuing courses should also be considered separately.

Below is the table that showcases the general breakdown of the cost of living in Finland for Indian students.

ExpensesEstimated Expenses (per month)
Accommodation500-700 Euros (INR 45,000-65,000)
Food20-80 Euros (INR 1,800-7,000)
Transportation3-60 Euros (INR 200-5,000)
Amusement/Leisure24-40 Euros (INR 2,000-3,000)
Utilities Bills (Electricity, Water, Phone bills, etc.)20-100 Euros (INR 1,800-9,000)

Affordable Cities in Finland

We have listed below the affordable cities in Finland for Indian students and their average monthly cost of living.

CitiesAverage Cost of Living (per month)
Turku700-1200 Euros (INR 63,000-10 Lakh)
Helsinki900 Euros-1400 Euros (INR 81,000-12 Lakh)
Tempere750-1250 Euros (INR 68,500-11 Lakh)
Rovaniemi600-1000 Euros (INR 54,000-90,000)
Oulu920-1400 Euros (INR 83,000-12 Lakh)

Cost of Living in Finland: Accommodation Rent

The average cost of accommodation in Finland ranges from 250 EUR-1300 EUR or INR 24,000-11 Lakh per month, depending on the type of accommodation chosen by the student and the city.

Cost of Accommodation in Finland may vary according to location, accommodation type, size of house requirements, etc.ย 

Below, we present a table to showcase the type of accommodation and the average rent in Finland.ย 

Type of AccommodationCost of Accommodation (per month)
Student Housing250-400 EUR (INR 24,000-36,000)
Shared Apartments450-1000 EUR (INR 38,000-90,000)
Studio Apartments400-800 EUR (INR 36,000-72,000)
One bedroom apartment750-1300 EUR (INR 68,000-11 Lakh)

Average Study in Finland Cost

Finnish universities offer diverse academic programs at very cost-effective fees, which attracts thousands of Indian students every year.

The cost of study in Finland for international students depends on the type of course and university they choose.

However, the average tuition fee in Finland for international students ranges from 13,000-18,000 EUR or INR 11 Lakh-16 Lakh per year.

UniversityQS World Rankings (2024)Tuition Fees (Per Year)
Aalto University10915,000 EUR
University of Helsinki11513,000-18,000 EUR
University of Oulu31310,000-13,000 EUR
University of Turku31510,000-12,000 EUR
Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT35113,500 EUR
Tampere University4366,000-12,000 EUR
University of Jyvรคskylรค4468,000-12,000 EUR
University of Eastern Finland5488,000-10,000 EUR
Abo Akademi University60110,000-12,000 EUR

Health Insurance for Indian Students in Finland

Indian students interested in pursuing higher studies courses in Finland are required to have personal health insurance. This is also essential to meet the eligibility criteria to get a student residence permit for Finland. International students are required to purchase personal health insurance in their home country even before they commence the application process for a study visa. The benefits of the Finnish National Health Insurance (NHI) of Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) are not applicable to Indian students.

The current regulations of health insurance for incoming students in Finland are:

Indian students are required to purchase the following package:ย 

  • โ‚ฌ120,000 (approximately INR 1 Crore) policy maximum if studying for less than two years (less than four semesters).
  • โ‚ฌ40,000 (approximately INR 36 Lakh) policy maximum if studying for at least two years (four semesters or more).
  • They must have insurance coverage for a minimum of 1 year.

Living Expenses in Finland: Top Cities

The following is an overview of the cost of living in the major cities of Finland. It includes the cost of accommodation, transportation, meals, and tourist attractions.

(per month)
(per month)

(per month)
Meals (per month)Total
Espoo800-1000 EUR (INR 72,000-90,000)3-70 EUR (INR 200-6,000)

26-106 EUR (INR 2,000-9,000)16-110 EUR (INR 1,600-90,000)845-1,286 EUR (INR 76,000-11 Lakh)
Kuopio500-1000 EUR (INR 45,000-90,000)3-50 EUR (INR 200-4,000)20-70 EUR (INR 1,800-6,000)10-70 EUR (INR 900-6,000)533-1,190 EUR (INR 48,000-10 Lakh)
Joensuu500-800 EUR (INR 45,000-72,000)2-50 EUR (INR 180-4,000)50-200 EUR (INR 180-18,000)10-60 EUR (INR 900-6,000)562-1,010 EUR (INR 50,000-91,000)
Helsinki1,000-1,700 EUR (INR 90,000-15 Lakh)3-60 EUR (INR 200-6,000)20-110 EUR (INR 1,800-9,000)15-90 EUR (INR 1,300-8,000)1,038-1,260 EUR (INR 94,000-11 Lakh)
Pori400-800 EUR (INR 36,000-72,000)3-60 EUR (INR 200-6,000)20-110 EUR (INR 1,800-9,000)10-90 EUR (INR 900-8,000)433-1,060 EUR (INR 40,000-96,000)

Tips to Cut Living Expenses in Finland

The following are some general tips for Indian students in Finland to reduce unnecessary expenses:

  • To cut accommodation costs, students should opt for student houses or shared apartment while residing in the Finnish city.ย 
  • Public transport can be preferred while commuting in the city.
  • Weekly or monthly budgets should be made to track and manage the cost of living and unnecessary expenses.
  • Saving a small amount of money every month while studying can entail large benefits to students in both short-term and long term.

With the help of this approach, students can learn to arrange and use their financial resources during the academic year without depending on others.


Understanding the living expenses, which include various components like accommodation costs, travel fares, meal bills, electricity and water usage bills, etc., is a significant aspect of a student’s life. It not only prepares students to become economically independent but also instils the qualities of resilience and decision-making ability.

Indian students pursuing their academic programs in foreign countries like Finland need to develop such abilities for the holistic and comprehensive development of their personalities.ย 


Is Finland expensive for Indian students?

In Finland, the monthly expenses of Indian students vary according to their lifestyle preferences, locality, local taxes, etc. The average living expenses in Finland are around 700-900 EUR or INR 63,000-95,000. The cost of living in India is 65% cheaper than in Finland.

Yes, they can. They can work part-time upto an average of 20 hours per week and full-time during their vacations. The average pay for a part-time job in Finland for students is between 10-13 EUR or INR 800-1100 per hour, depending on the type of job and the employer.

Indian students need a minimum of 560 EUR/month, i.e.50,000 INR/month to stay in Finland.

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