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Chicago Booth MBA deadlines

University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA Deadlines 2023-24

The University of Chicago’s School of Business is home to the Chicago Booth MBA program, a testament to business education’s transforming nature.

The Chicago Booth MBA cultivates an environment of intellectual rigour and innovation and is renowned internationally for its analytical and data-driven approach.

The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, meticulous analysis, and an interdisciplinary approach, placing it at the forefront of thought leadership and business research.

The blog will provide you with Chicago Booth MBA deadlines

Application dates for class of 2024-26

Chicago Booth MBA deadlines for Class of 2024-2026 are:

Application DeadlineFinal Decision
Round 1September 21, 2023November 30, 2023
Round 2January 4, 2024March 21, 2024
Round 3April 4, 2024May 23, 2024
Chicago Booth ScholarsApril 4, 2024June 13, 2024

*Apply before 11:59 p.m. CST for all the rounds*

  • Interviews can occur virtually, on campus, or somewhere else convenient.
  • If you accept the invitation, a current student, recent graduate, or admissions staff member will interview you once.
  • Regardless of who conducts all interviews, they are given identical weight in grading.
  • Admission requires an interview. However, passing an interview does not ensure admittance.
Admission Decision:

1. Admission- Those who apply are accepted into the program. The admissions packet mailed to all accepted students contains additional information for admitted students.
2. Waitlist- Students rejected in the current round may still be considered in later rounds. Candidates on the waitlist can anticipate that they will stay there at least until the announcement of the following round of decisions.

  • We do not rank-order our waitlist.
  • We cannot offer feedback to candidates who are on the waitlist.
  • Applicants on the waitlist are welcome to send updated materials only if there have been developments since the initial application.
  • Should the Admissions Committee require additional materials, candidates will be notified.

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