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Best Cities in Australia for Students

Best Cities in Australia for Students

Australia is a student-friendly country known for its world-class education, cultural diversity, safety, and natural beauty. With top-ranked universities, affordable costs, and post-study work opportunities, Australia provides an excellent environment for international students to pursue their education and build a successful future.

QS Ranking for best cities in Australia

The QS Best Student Cities ranking offers an overview of the top locations to live and study throughout the globe by taking into account a variety of variables, including cost, desirability, and the opinions of current students. According to QS ranking 2022, the top cities to live in for students are:














Top 5 Cities in Australia for Students 


Melbourne is ranked #1 in the top 10 QS Best Student Cities 2023. Melbourne sets itself apart as a premier city for students with its outstanding education system, embracing multiculturalism, and accommodating student needs. Renowned for its top-ranked universities, including the University of Melbourne and Monash University The city boasts prestigious universities, a diverse and inclusive environment, affordable living options, and a thriving arts and culture scene. 

Melbourne, Australia offers a unique and vibrant coffee culture that students enthusiastically embrace. With its diverse range of cafes and specialty shops, Melbourne’s coffee scene becomes a hub for student socialising, studying, and exploring different flavours and brewing techniques. The city’s coffee culture enhances the student experience, fostering connections and creating memorable moments amidst the energetic atmosphere

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Sydney also comes under the Top 10 QS Best Student Cities 2023 and is a highly appealing city for students due to several reasons.

It stands out as a unique city for students due to its prestigious universities, multicultural environment, iconic landmarks, abundant internship and employment opportunities, stunning natural beauty, vibrant events, and efficient infrastructure. One unique thing about Sydney, Australia is its iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is an engineering marvel and a symbol of the city, offering breathtaking views and thrilling experiences for visitors. 

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Brisbane stands out as a unique city for students due to its combination of affordable cost of living, quality education, welcoming environment, vibrant cultural scene, proximity to natural wonders, and career opportunities. With affordable living expenses and renowned universities, students can enjoy a high standard of education without financial strain.

Beyond academics, Brisbane offers numerous recreational activities and cultural experiences that cater to students’ interests. The city is known for its beautiful outdoor spaces, such as the South Bank Parklands, where students can relax, study, and enjoy the riverside ambience.

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Adelaide stands out as a unique city for students due to its combination of affordability, high-quality education, student-friendly environment, vibrant cultural scene, relaxed lifestyle, safety, and proximity to natural beauty. With affordable living costs and renowned universities, students can enjoy a high standard of education without breaking the bank. 

Renowned as the “Festival City,” Adelaide comes alive with an array of vibrant arts and cultural celebrations. Throughout the year, the city plays host to a multitude of festivals, including the internationally acclaimed Adelaide Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, WOMADelaide, and the Santos Tour Down Under. These events attract artists, performers, and tourists from around the globe, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere.

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Situated on the remote western coast of Australia, Perth’s isolation gives it a distinct sense of community and a relaxed lifestyle. The city is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, with pristine beaches along the Indian Ocean coastline and the picturesque Swan River. Perth’s Mediterranean climate, characterised by hot, dry summers and mild winters, encourages an outdoor-focused lifestyle and abundant sunshine throughout the year.

Perth offers unique advantages for students compared to other cities. Its relaxed lifestyle, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, provides a peaceful environment for studying and personal growth. With a growing job market, a welcoming community, and a diverse cultural scene, Perth provides a distinct and enriching educational experience. Accessible university campuses further enhance collaboration and academic engagement. 

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Which city in Australia is right for me?

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