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Are MiM Degrees Recognised In India?

Are MiM Degrees Recognised In India?

A Master of Science in Management (MSc Management), also known by various titles like Master of Science in Business Administration or Master of Management Studies, is a postgraduate degree equipping graduates with the skills and knowledge to excel in business.

Beyond these fundamentals, students can complete studies through a diverse range of electives.

In this blog, you will learn more about MiM and its core structure, whether MiM is worth pursuing or not, and we’ll answer the question, “Are MiM degrees recognised in India?”

Advantages of Pursuing MiM?

A Master of Science in Management (MSc Management) equips young professionals with a strong foundation for a successful business career. This postgraduate degree, typically completed in one or two years, offers a distinct advantage for recent graduates by providing an understanding of core business principles and managerial skills.

  • Early Career Advantage: Graduates of an MSc Management programme demonstrate a well-rounded understanding of critical business areas such as finance, marketing, strategy, operations management, and organisational behaviour. This strong foundation positions them favourably for a broader range of job opportunities and prepares them for faster career progression.
  • Specialisation Opportunities: Many MSc Management programmes offer specialisation tracks, allowing students to tailor their education to their specific interests. These specialisations, in areas like finance, marketing, consulting, operations management, or entrepreneurship, enhance a graduate’s attractiveness to potential employers in those sectors.
  • Building a Network: MSc Management programmes provide exceptional opportunities for professional networking. The diverse student cohorts, often comprising individuals from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, create a dynamic learning environment that fosters the exchange of ideas and the development of lifelong connections. 

MiM Abroad vs MiM In India

The Master of Management (MiM) degree is emerging as a strong alternative to the traditional MBA, particularly for recent graduates. However, for Indian students, there’s always a question: Are MiM degrees recognised in India or not? So, here we give a general idea about the scenario of MiM abroad and MiM in India.

FactorsMiM AbroadMiM in India
Curriculum and FocusAlready established with a global perspectiveIncreasingly incorporating the global perspective
Cost and ROIHigher tuition fees with steady ROILower tuition fees with a higher ROI
Career OpportunitesGlobal opportunitiesDomestic opportunities

Here’s a breakdown of key factors to consider to answer the question – Are MiM degrees recognised in India:

Curriculum and Focus:

  • Global Exposure: International MiMs often provide a broader perspective, incorporating international case studies and potentially offering study abroad opportunities. Leading business schools in India are increasingly incorporating global elements.
  • Specialisation: International programmes may offer a wider range of specialisations within the MiM, such as Finance, Marketing Analytics, or Innovation Management. Indian MiMs tend to be more generalist, although some institutions offer elective specialisation courses.

Cost and Return on Investment (ROI):

  • Financial Investment: Tuition fees and living costs are typically higher for international MiMs compared to India. However, some international programmes offer scholarships and financial aid specifically for MiM students. The average tuition fee for MiM in India is around INR 33 Lakhs, and the tuition fees abroad for MiM is around INR 47 Lakhs. The salary after pursuing MiM in India is around 20 LPA.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): While starting salaries might be slightly higher for graduates of esteemed international MiMs, Indian MiMs can provide a quicker ROI due to lower program costs. Additionally, Indian MiMs can be advantageous if you intend to work in India after graduation, offering valuable networking opportunities within the domestic business community.

Career Opportunities:

  • International Job Market: An international MiM can open doors to global companies and positions abroad. However, applying for work visas and immigration procedures can be complex.
  • Indian Job Market: An Indian MiM equips you for success within strong domestic companies and is particularly valuable for those seeking roles within India. Additionally, networking opportunities within the Indian business community can be highly beneficial.

Additional Considerations:

  • Work Experience: Some international MiMs require minimum work experience, whereas Indian programmes might be more accommodating to fresh graduates.
  • Lifestyle and Personal Preferences: Studying abroad offers cultural immersion and personal growth but may necessitate adapting to a new environment. Indian MiMs provide familiarity and potentially a shorter program duration.

University Abroad vs. India For MiM

Here is a list of universities Abroad which offer MiM:

  1. HEC Paris – Masters in Management
  2. London Business School, UK – Masters in Management
  3. ESADE, Spain – MSc in International Management
  4. ESSEC, France – Masters in Management
  5. CEMS (Multiple campuses) – Master in International Management 
  6. St. Gallen, Switzerland – Master in Strategy and International Management 
  7. ESCP Business School, Paris – Master in Management
  8. Imperial College Business School, UK – MSc in Management
  9. IE Business School, Spain – Master in Management 
  10. London School of Economics, UK – MSc Management and Strategy

Indian Universities For MiM

You might still be wondering: Are MiM degrees recognised in India or not? But you can have an alternative to the MiM abroad. Here is a list of MiM colleges in India:

  1. IIM Ahmedabad- PGP in Management
  2. IIM Calcutta- PGP in Management
  3. IIM Bangalore- PGP in Management
  4. IIM Udaipur- PGP in Management
  5. IIM Calcutta- PGP in Management

How PGP Programmes in India Are Equivalant to MiM?

Both MiM (Master’s in Management) programmes offered abroad and PGP (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) programmes in India aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful business career. Here’s a breakdown of their equivalences:


  • Foundation Building: Both programmes provide a strong foundation in core business subjects like marketing, finance, accounting, and operations.
  • Management Skills: They develop key management skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Target Audience:

  • Early Career or Career Switch: Both are well-suited for recent graduates or professionals seeking a career change into business management.

Programme Length:

  • Generally Shorter: MiM programmes are typically one year long, while PGP programmes can be one or two years long.


  • Similar Content: The core curriculum in both programmes often overlaps significantly.

Key Differences:

  • International Exposure: MiM programmes often offer a more international perspective with students from diverse backgrounds and the potential for study abroad opportunities.
  • Specialisation: Some MiM programmes may offer specialisations in areas like finance, marketing, or entrepreneurship, while PGP programmes might be more general.

Can You Get A Job In India After Pursuing MiM Abroad?

Pursuing MiM Abroad will give you a solid grasp of business essentials like strategy, marketing, and finance. But here’s the thing: while it might be similar to an MBA, without work experience, landing that dream management job back home in India could be a bit tricky. Indian recruiters often value the knowledge you’ve already got under your belt. So, your starting salary might not see a massive jump just because of your MiM. Don’t worry, though; there’s a way around this!

Get Experience Abroad to Boost Your Chances

Pursuing MiM abroad allows you to stay in that country for a while. Work in another country for a few years after you graduate. This gives you real-world experience that makes your CV impressive. Coming back to India with that experience will make you shine for those management jobs.

Pick the Right Countries to Work In

Some countries let you stay after your MiM to find a job. France, Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden give you extra time to find work. These countries also value MiM degrees, so landing a job is easier even without experience.

Having a MIM degree and experience working abroad makes you a top choice for companies with a much better chance of landing a great one with room to grow when you return to India.

MBA or MiM Abroad: Which is More Valuable?

Thinking about which degree is more valuable: MBA or MiM? This again highlights the question “Are MiM degrees recognised in India”. Here are a few factors which can give you a better understanding of this situation:

Newer Degree:

  • The MiM is a relatively new option compared to the well-established MBA.
  • While gaining popularity, it might not be as familiar to some companies in India.

The MiM Situation in India:

  • Fewer MiM graduates are working in India compared to MBAs.
  • Many MiM graduates find good opportunities in Europe and tend to stay there.
  • This limits Indian companies’ exposure to MiM talent and might affect job opportunities for future graduates returning to India.

The Influence of IIMs:

  • India’s prestigious IIMs have a strong reputation and a large network of successful graduates.
  • Many companies in India often prefer to hire from these institutions.
  • This can make it more challenging for MiM graduates to compete, especially early in their careers.

Is a MiM Right for You?

  • The MiM offers a strong foundation in business, but searching the job market, particularly in India, requires careful thought.
  • If working in India is your main goal, an MBA from a recognised institution might be a safer choice.
  • However, the MiM remains a valuable option if you’re open to international opportunities or a specialised management track offered through this program.


In conclusion, a Master of Management degree abroad can be a great choice for Indian students seeking a global career. We also answered the question: “Are MiM degrees recognised in India or not”. It offers valuable cultural experiences, international connections, and exciting job opportunities. Remember to consider the program costs, how long it might take to get a return on your investment, job market trends in your field, and your desire for adventure. By carefully weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision and take the first step toward a successful career.


Are MiM degrees recognised in India?

The MiM is a relatively new degree compared to the MBA, and its recognition in India is still developing. While some companies might not be as familiar with it, a top-tier MiM from a reputable institution will still hold value in India.

This depends on your career aspirations. If your goal is to work in India immediately after graduation, an MBA from a recognised Indian institution might be more beneficial due to its established reputation. However, if you’re open to international opportunities or a specialised management track offered through a MiM programme, then studying abroad could be a great option.

Absolutely! A MiM equips you with a strong foundation in business essentials like strategy, marketing, and finance. However, to stand out in the Indian job market, consider gaining some work experience abroad after your MiM to make your resume even more impressive.

In India, work experience can be a significant factor for recruiters. However, a top-tier degree, whether a MiM or MBA, demonstrates your academic ability and commitment to business education. The ideal scenario is to combine a strong degree with relevant work experience.

Generally, yes. MiM programmes tend to be shorter than MBAs, which can also have lower tuition fees. Additionally, some MiM programmes might not require prior work experience, making them a more accessible option for recent graduates.

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