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ย 6 Must listen podcast for Entrepreneurs

Listening to podcasts is a unique and useful way to be entertained and educated. Podcasts are a versatile kind of media that can cater to practically any interest, with topics ranging from humour and narrative to news and education.

Look at the blog to learn about 6 podcasts for entrepreneurs.

Many podcasts include knowledgeable hosts and guests who offer insightful commentary, current information, and advice on a range of financial subjects, such as debt management, retirement planning, and budgeting and investing.

These professionals can guide listeners through the complicated realm of personal finance and help them make wise decisions. Second, consumers may conveniently stay engaged with financial education even during their daily workouts or commute because podcasts are simply accessible and portable.

Podcasts’ conversational style can also help people better understand and apply solid financial practices in their own lives by making financial subjects more personal and approachable.

Here are 6 podcast you can listen to

1. The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett

The podcast “The Diary of a CEO” is hosted by Steven Bartlett, a former CEO of Social Chain and entrepreneur. The podcast provides open and reflective discussions with accomplished people in a range of industries, such as business, entertainment, and sports.

Steven Bartlett investigates his guests’ career and personal experiences, focusing on their triumphs, setbacks, and life lessons discovered.

2. Bharat Ke SME’s by Mukul Goyal

Mukul Goyal hosts an entertaining podcast called “Bharat Ke SME’s” that features interviews with well-known business owners. Ms. Nikita Jain from Nanda Capital is featured in one noteworthy episode, which highlights the accomplishments of a female entrepreneur.

The podcast sheds light on the difficulties and successes faced by India’s SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) industry.

3. For a Billion Dollars More by Ramakrishnan M

“For a Billion Dollars More” is an anthology of startup tales that includes intriguing accounts of entrepreneurs, financiers, and the startup ecosystem as a whole.

Ramakrishnan M, who is actively involved in the startup sector, is the author of the book. Ramakrishnan M has raised capital for a number of start-ups, invested in over 25, and scaled a number of them.

4. Go Venture by Pritesh Kumar

FunctionUp creator Pritesh Kumar hosts a podcast called “GoVenture” for business. Insightful interviews with directors, CTOs, founders, senior managers, and other accomplished people from the startup or IT sector are the goal of the podcast.

Pritesh Kumar promotes conversations about a range of topics, including technology, entrepreneurship, and the difficulties faced by business people.

5. Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani hosts a podcast called “Figuring Out with Raj Shamani,” which takes listeners on an emotional, insightful, and inspirational journey.

The podcast discusses a wide range of subjects, such as farm reforms, the murky reality of Indian politics, and interviews with influential people like Dr. Anand Ranganathan.

6. Indian Silicon Valley by Jivraj Singh Sachar

Hosted by investor, podcaster, and Indian Tech student Jivraj Singh Sachar, “Indian Silicon Valley” is a podcast.

The podcast is a one-stop shop for information on anything pertaining to getting started in the Indian ecosystem. Jivraj Singh Sachar has in-depth discussions with investors, domain specialists, and founders from India’s thriving startup sector.


As industry experts share their knowledge and lend a more personal touch to the topic, listening to podcasts can help increase confidence.

Podcasts are a convenient and adaptive approach to better our busy lives because they are available on-demand, allowing you to select when and where to listen.

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