Guide to an effective LOR for a  University Application

Understand the Purpose

Know the specific requirements and expectations of the university or program for which the LOR is intended.

Choose the Right Recommender

Select someone who knows you well and can provide concarete examples of your skills, character, and accomplishments.

Follow the University Guidelines

Adhere to the university’s guidelines and requirements for LORs, including format, length, and submission method.

Personalize the LOR

Customize the content to reflect the applicant’s unique qualities and experiences that make them a strong candidate for the program.

Highlight Relevant Qualities

Focus on traits, skills, and achievements that are directly relevant to the program or field of study.

Use Specific Examples

Include specific instances and examples that illustrate the applicant’s qualities and accomplishments.

Be Positive and Honest

Highlight the applicant’s strengths while maintaining honesty and credibility.

Recommended LOR format