Top 9 Must-Visit Places on the University of Miami Campus

The Miami Campus is part of Miami University, which is located in Oxford, Ohio, USA. It's the university's main campus, established in 1809. The campus has a beautiful setting with old-fashioned red-brick buildings and lots of trees. 

Lake Osceola 

Located at the heart of the Coral Gables campus, Lake Osceola is a serene and picturesque spot surrounded by palm trees and greenery.

Lowe Art Museum 

Miami's first and oldest art museum, the Lowe Art Museum boasts a diverse collection of artworks spanning various cultures and time periods.

The Rock 

The Rock is a large limestone boulder where students express themselves by painting messages, artwork, and announcements. It's a symbol of student creativity and campus spirit.

The Breezeway 

The Breezeway is a lively pathway that connects various campus buildings and is lined with cafes, shops, and student organisation booths. It's a popular hub for socialising, grabbing a quick bite, or attending campus events.

Cobb Fountain 

World-class museums to top-notch athletic facilities, UT offers a wealth of resources beyond academics. Check out the Blanton Museum of Art, or cheer on the Longhorns at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. 

The Rat (Rathskeller)

The Rat is a historic student hangout known for its casual dining atmosphere, live music performances, and outdoor seating area. It's a favourite spot for students to unwind, grab a meal, or socialise with friends.

Herbert Wellness Center 

The Herbert Wellness Center is the university's fitness and recreation facility offering gym equipment, fitness classes, indoor courts, and swimming pools.

Shalala Student Center

The Shalala Student Center is a modern facility that houses dining options, study lounges, meeting rooms, and student services. It's a central hub for student activities, events, and social gatherings.

The University Green 

The University Green is an expansive outdoor space used for recreational activities, events, and gatherings. It's a popular area for picnics, sports, and outdoor performances, providing a lively atmosphere for students.

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