Exploring 10 things at the Warwick Campus

Warwick University, or the University of Warwick, is a respected public research university in Coventry, England. It was founded in 1965 and is well-regarded both nationally and internationally.    Warwick University has a lively student community with many societies, clubs, and sports teams.

Warwick Arts Centre

Experience a variety of arts performances, exhibitions, and cultural events at this vibrant venue. 


Oculus Building 

Visit the modern building housing lecture theatres, study spaces, and a popular café.


Campus Lake 

Take a leisurely walk around the scenic lake for relaxation and enjoying nature.


Warwick Castle 

 Explore nearby medieval architecture and learn about the region's history.


Oculus Bridge 

Capture stunning views of the campus and surrounding countryside from this iconic bridge.


Students' Union 

Engage in social activities, clubs, and societies to connect with fellow students.


Warwick Retail Park 

Shop and dine at convenient facilities located close to the campus.


Sports and Recreation 

Enjoy sports facilities such as the sports centre, gym, and outdoor playing fields.



Explore the extensive collection of books, resources, and study spaces at the university library. 



Discover the university's botanical garden with a diverse collection of trees and plants.


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