Essential items that every student needs to pack

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Important documents

1. Passport (or other ID) 2. Driver’s license (if you have one) 3 Details of accommodation and     contract 4. Bank account details and recent      bank slips 5. Bank card 6. National insurance card/details

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Academic Supplies

1. Laptop or Computer 2. Notebooks, Paper, and Pens 3. Textbooks 4. Backpack or Tote Bag

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Personal Items

1. Identification and Important    Documents 2. Medications 3. Health Insurance Information 4. Financial Essentials 5. Emergency Contact List

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Technology and Entertainment

1. Phone and Charger 2. Headphones 3. HDMI Cable 4. Streaming Devices 5. Personal Entertainment

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Health and Well-being

1. First Aid Kit 2. Reusable Water Bottle 3. Exercise Gear 4. Prescription Glasses/Contacts

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1. Umbrella and Rain Gear 2. Room Decor 3. Adapters and Surge Protectors 4. Bike and Lock 5. Travel Mug or Thermos 6. Food Storage

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