What is Charpak Scholarship and Its Benefits

The Charpak Scholarship is a prestigious programme offered by the Embassy of France in India. It aims to promote academic excellence and facilitate cultural exchange between India and France.  

Tuition Fee Waiver 

This can cover a large portion or even the entirety of your tuition fees at the chosen French university. Imagine the peace of mind knowing a major expense is taken care of! 

Living Allowance 

You'll receive a monthly stipend to help with essential living costs like accommodation, food, and transportation. 

Health Insurance 

The scholarship often includes health insurance coverage, ensuring you have access to medical care during your studies in France.  

Personal & Professional Development 

Living and studying abroad fosters self-reliance, problem-solving skills, and cultural sensitivity. You'll learn to adapt to new environments, manage your time effectively. 

Top-Tier Education 

 The Charpak Scholarship opens doors to prestigious institutions, providing you with access to exceptional faculty.  

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