Average Cost of -Living in USA 2024

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary depending on the level of study.  It can be anywhere between $25000- $45000 a year depending upon the university.


It ranges from $9800 – $11,000 per year. It can cost as low as $450 to as high as $3500 a month in off off-campus setting. 


It ranges between $300-$600 while staying off campus and $250 when staying on campus. 


Owning private transport can be expensive in the country. It ranges from $300-$700 per year. 

Health Insurance

They cost around $700 to $1100. This cost will depend on the coverage and the insurance provider. 


This can take up $100-$200 per month on your budget.  

Books & Supplies 

They can cost anywhere between $900- $2000 a year. 


Additional healthcare expenses, such as doctor visits or medications, are not covered by insurance. $50-$200 should be the budget for such emergencies. 

Leisure & Entertainment

Budget for social activities, outings, travel, and other leisure pursuits. These can take up $80-$100 from your budget. 

USA Cost of Living:  Transportation meals & attractions