10 Interesting facts about Princeton University

Princeton University has a strong reputation for academic excellence and has produced notable alumni, including US Presidents, Nobel laureates, and Pulitzer Prize winners. Princeton University is a respected centre of higher education, attracting top scholars.

Oldest University in New Jersey 

Established in 1746, Princeton University is the fourth-oldest college in the United States and the oldest university in New Jersey.


Ivy League Institution 

Princeton is a member of the prestigious Ivy League, known for its academic excellence and selectivity in admissions.


Beautiful Campus 

The university boasts a picturesque campus with iconic Gothic-style architecture, including Nassau Hall, the oldest building on campus and a National Historic Landmark.


Famous Alumni 

Princeton has produced numerous notable alumni, including US Presidents Woodrow Wilson and James Madison, Nobel laureates like Albert Einstein, renowned writers F. Scott Fitzgerald and Toni Morrison, and astronaut Pete Conrad.


Princeton University Press 

The university is home to Princeton University Press, a leading academic publisher known for its influential publications across various disciplines.


Eating Clubs 

Princeton's unique social dining system consists of 11 eating clubs where students can join for meals and social activities, contributing to the university's vibrant social scene.


Art Museum 

The Princeton University Art Museum houses a vast collection of artworks, ranging from ancient to contemporary pieces, and is open to students and the public.


Ivy Stones 

Each graduating class adds an Ivy Stone to the exterior of a campus building, a tradition dating back to 1879.


Outdoor Activities 

The university's proximity to the Delaware and Raritan Canal and nearby forests provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration.


Outdoor Activities 

The university mascot is the Princeton Tiger, representing strength, pride, and resilience. 


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