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Indo Sri Lanka Agreement

The Indo Sri Lanka Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Indo Sri Lanka Agreement, also known as the Indo Sri Lanka Accord, is a treaty that was signed between India and Sri Lanka on July 29, 1987. The agreement was signed by then-Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, and then-President of Sri Lanka, J.R. Jayewardene.

The agreement was signed to resolve the ongoing conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers, who were fighting for an independent state in northern Sri Lanka. The agreement aimed to devolve power to the provinces of Sri Lanka and provide greater autonomy to the Tamil-majority areas, while also ensuring the safety and rights of all ethnic and religious groups in the country.

Under the agreement, a new constitution was proposed, which would establish a provincial council system that would allow the provinces to manage their own affairs and have greater control over their resources. The agreement also provided for the deployment of Indian peacekeeping forces in the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka to maintain law and order.

The Indo Sri Lanka Agreement was hailed as a major breakthrough in the peace process in Sri Lanka and was seen as a significant step towards resolving the decades-long conflict. However, the implementation of the agreement was fraught with challenges, and it ultimately failed to bring lasting peace to the country.

The Tamil Tigers refused to lay down their arms, and the deployment of Indian peacekeeping forces was met with resistance from both the government and the Tamil Tigers. The situation escalated into a full-scale war, with both sides committing human rights violations and atrocities.

The Indo Sri Lanka Agreement was eventually abandoned, and the conflict continued until 2009, when the Sri Lankan government declared victory over the Tamil Tigers. However, the aftermath of the war has been marked by continued tension and human rights abuses, particularly in the Tamil-majority areas.

In conclusion, the Indo Sri Lanka Agreement was a historic treaty that aimed to bring peace to Sri Lanka by devolving power to the provinces and providing greater autonomy to the Tamil-majority areas. While the agreement ultimately failed to bring lasting peace to the country, it remains an important milestone in the history of Sri Lanka and India`s relations.

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